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by - Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hiya! How are you all? I'm getting there, I'm getting into the swing of blogging again hehe. Let me be honest I sometimes don't want to keep posting about food, because lifestyle is my niche, however, I just always go back to it hehe because I still have some places that I haven't posted on the blog. Also, it seems like many of you guys still do love reading them, judging by the stats <3

So this post is about my FAVOURITE Chinese restaurant! My partner and I have so much love for this place, because well you will find out by reading the rest of the post.


For our first visit, we ordered a Sharing Platter, which consists of; 5 dumplings, 4 spring rolls, and 4 prawn toasts. I love them all. Spring rolls are very familiar to me because we make it home for Ramadhan. The dumplings were just delicious. They were filled properly with meat, and the Prawn Toast was yummy too. One of the reasons why they all toasted delicious, will be mentioned below.


And the reason is this sauce. There's not much to say about it other than the fact that this chilli sauce is made by them, and is so bloody amazing to dip starters into. Seriously, guys, I'm telling, I love this sauce. I don't find it too spicy, but that hint of spiciness does come through when you have it with your prawn toast or dumplings etc.


Next thing we ordered was House Special Fried Noodles. Something you all need to know is that the other half and I love our prawns, and it's not easy finding places that do make them. However Karamay is filled with prawns, they honestly have such varieties that it makes us so happy! Since this Fried Noodles come with Chicken and Prawns, we just couldn't ignore it. Well, it was DELICIOUS. Firstly I would like to say is that the box the noodles are served in is so cool. It looks like a normal card box right? But really I think it is ceramic, so your noodles definitely stay warm for a long time. 

The food itself was like I said yummy. I would say that a box of this, is perfect for two people because it is really filling. If you are very hungry or have a huge appetite maybe you will be able to finish it all, but you do get a lot in this, so for two people sharing it is totally fine. Oh! And you can ask for chopsticks too if you know how to use it (proud user :D). You do get a fair amount of meat and vegetables, however, if you are a meat eater, and you pick all the meat first, well you will be left with vegetable noodles real quick hehe. 

Overall, the first visit was thumbs up! Let's go on to the second. 


For the second visit, the main dish we had was Spicy Prawn and Chips. You do get an option of whether you want the prawn with shell or without. The partner wanted without, so we went for that. At the moment this is my second favourite food at Karamay. The spicy/chilli flavour was on point, and with everything cooked perfectly, this food, in my eyes was amazing. If we had nothing else, we could have basically had two of these because that's how much we loved it. Next time we may just get it with shells because sometimes there is a difference when you have prawns with shells or without.

Second visit. Thumbs up again!


Now for our recent/third visit. For the starters, we ordered Fried Dumplings, which obviously came with the best chilli sauce. Just like the platter, these dumplings were made well. Loved the crispiness of the dumpling itself.


Next dish was the Sweet and Sour Cantonese Prawns. Let me just say, that gravy/sauce, the prawns and vegetables were covered in was amazing! Honestly, we didn't touch the vegetables and just had the prawns and sauce. Because we loved the sauce so much, we kept dipping our prawns in it, even though it was covered with it already.

Not just that we also ordered Shredded Chicken Fried Noodles, which were so delicious! The noodles like always were cooked properly, but the shredded chicken was just yummy. I mean like really yummy because it's so hard for me to express how delicious a food can be in words. On that day we had a big appetite somehow, that we didn't just stop there.


Originally we were going to order something from the Chicken Dishes section which contained Shredded Chicken, however, unfortunately, it couldn't be made or something (don't really remember the reason hehe), which is why we couldn't have it. But the server did suggest us the Szechwan Pepper Chicken, and we ordered that. When it arrived, that dish just looked appealing. You'd think that it would be damn spicy since it's literally covered with pepper, but it really isn't (although it could be for someone who isn't used to chilli). I picked a couple of them and just had it like that, because the heat/chilliness you get when you bite it, is niceeee! The chicken was cooked well and yummy to have too. It's like a popcorn chicken but with an Asian twist.


And Lastly, our top FAVOURITE food from Karamay. Grilled Prawns. I could eat this all day every day. The spices used on the prawns is perfect. I am being so honest about this. It's outstanding. We don't have our prawns with shells, so we took the shells out from these, and you would expect the spices to lessen down a lot because it's mainly spread on the shells. However, even without the shells, the spices remained in the prawns which made us soo happy, because it didn't lose flavour. That's what you call amazing chefs! 

Although it's been 3 visits, I know for definite, the partner and I will continue to visit this restaurant. Leicester doesn't have many Halal Chinese Resturants, and if I am right this might be the only one, and I so appreciate it. I love trying out new food, having parents with different cultures, opens me to having various cuisines, and Chinese is not new to me. But having a restaurant that caters for Chinese/Muslim's is amazing. This is Chinese food at it's finest! <3

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