#amorlivres - 1

by - Monday, November 02, 2015

#amorlivres means love books.

First book of the review is Paper Swans by Jessica Thompson.

Beginning of the book, there is a lot of description, to describe a certain scene. If you read it over all in the first chapter Ben is just scared to meet his boss. That's all. But it took 12 pages for the actual thing to happen. it's not that bad, that there is description but too much of it. makes me a bit less engrossed in the book.

Few days later 

What the hell was I thinking! The description was the right amount, and it made me even more engrossed into the book.

Paper Swans was a beautiful book.  Jessica did a great job is creating this book, because I literally spent a full day reading it. Since I was so determined to finish the book already. Usually I finish my books with one or two days, and since I haven't been reading, this one took a while to get back into! But it was worth it. Paper Swans was painfully beautiful yet sad.

The way the topic of mental illness was handles was outstanding. Each part of the book was so well described that you could imagine it all very well. I loved this book. At times the book made me cry, and at other times I felt sympathy towards the characters, this book honestly makes you emotional. But what I loved is how it gives hope. It gives hope to people out there who think they don't deserve love or a second chance, because everyone does.

Fangirl by Rainbow Powell

I enjoyed this book a lot. This is a book that many girls would enjoy because everyone is a fan girl of something or someone, and at times it's way too much. What I loved about this book, was how I was able to connect with it, well most of it. I'm someone has a small circle, and as much as I would like to easily make friends, I can't because I'm way too shy. My partner, my family, and some friends are my close ones. I like being lost in the world of books or movies. One thing that is opposite with me and Cath is that I love going out to places and exploring. Besides that I am easily able to connect with the character, Cath.

I loved reading the development of the characters in the book. I mean it wasn't so huge, but not everyone is like which, which is what makes it quite realistic. There is so much more inside the book, that you can't just judge by the cover and blurb.

Can't forget to mention the romance, I am a sucker for romantic books, and this definitely had that aspect in it and I loved it. It was adorable and sweet. I'm glad the book wasn't too heavy on any drama. It contained real life situations: problems in family, confusion, love etc.


If you are looking for a book that light, and dramaless then Fangirl would be the one. And if you are in the mood of reading a sad bu beautiful book then Paper Swans is the one. Give it a shot, and see how it goes. It may be the book you are looking for.. Or not.

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