why I don't regret starting a blog

by - Sunday, December 13, 2015

Why did I want to start a blog? Because it's been something that I have been interested for quite a while. A year or two if I remember I had a blog, but after one or two posts I quit, because I just didn't know what the hell I was doing on the site and there was no purpose to it.

This year I came back, with ideas roaming around my head, like doing reviews, sharing my experiences, voicing my opinions, because having a blog gives you that opportunity. 

I don't regret at all on actually going ahead with my plan, because I know I have come so far, from where I was a couple of months ago. I enjoy what I'm doing, because most of the time I'm always linking things to my blog. A blogger can't help it. 

Being a blogger, has allowed me to be happy with who I am. I finally am doing something that I am passionate about, because it's something that I considered. It wasn't forced upon me, or because it's 'trendy' or whatever. Blogging is what I love.

There are other bloggers who I have come across that are great, and so friendly. What I lobe about blogging is that it contains everything that I love, like being on social networks, photography, and typing. It's a place where I can store all my ideas, journeys and memories, which I can always come back and look at.

If you make your blog the way you want it to, then it will be fun. If you make into something that you think it's a duty upon you, then it won't be how you expect it to.

When I want to post, then that's when I will, yes there are certain things to consider like not posting for too long, but if you are aware with the responsibilities that come with blogging but take it a light and fun way then you would enjoy the process. That's how it's like with me.

There's nothing about blogging that I don't enjoy yet, and I hope to keep it that way because I simply love this <3

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