Playlist For October

by - Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hey, lovelies! It's been ages since I've done a music related post, so I thought why not share what my playlist for October has been lately. Here's the list:

1. Monsta X The Clan Part.2 Guilty Album: So if anyone doesn't know ever since I've been in Korean things, KPop was an area I started to get involved into as well. And Monsta X by far has been and I think will be a top/favourite KPop group of mines. I've listened to all their songs, and I sure have some personal favourites one. A month ago, the news of their comeback was announced, and since then I was so excited! This album was released a couple of days ago, and I have been obsessed with it! All 6 tracks are outstanding, and I love them all for their own reasons! The lyrics, beats, vocals, rap, everything is on point and I still haven't got sick of any of them <3

2. GOT7 Flight Log - Turbulence: I think after this album, I became an IGot7. Most of the tracks from the album are freaking amazing. and Hard Carry has definitely got to be the top one from the album because it is damn catchy. The vocals, and raps produced by GOT7, is outstanding. There's a mixture of music's on this album, most of them are hip-hop, rap and upbeat, however, you do get some calm or melodious music, which I really love because there are definitely songs for the likings of each individual taste.

3. BTS Wings: Lastly, this post ends with the most recent album and that is 'Wings". I'm sure many KPop fans are aware of this album, because of the stir this group has created in the KPop world. There are only 4 songs from this album that I love, and those four songs are so good, especially Blood, Sweat and Tears! Yas! That's the song that has been driving everyone crazy. And let's not even talk about the concept behind this album, because that itself makes fans go wild because of how confusing it is. Overall the songs I so love are; Blood, Sweat and Tears, Lost, Awake and First Love. 

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