Lunch Via OwlGetIt

by - Thursday, January 12, 2017

There's quite a few delivery service in Leicester like JustEat and Deliveroo. Now OwlGetIt has jumped on the bandwagon too. Personally, I don't use delivery services, and if I do then it's mainly the service provided by the food company itself. Instead, I am the type to either go to the shop and get take away or just eat in the store since the vibe is different. However, I was contacted by OwlGetIt, and because it meant getting food, I couldn't say no and thought why not experience what they have to offer. 

I contacted them through InstaDM, and told them what I wanted from Chaiiwala (because I was so in the mood for that), and where I wanted it to be dropped up to which was my university. As stated by the service, it takes roughly 45 minutes for the Chaiiwala delivery to arrive, which seems like a very long time so I do suggest ordering 30-45 minutes (depending on where you order from) before you want to eat.  

Now once I ordered, I was meant to get the link to be able to track my order and updates, but unfortunately I did not receive it, however when the driver did call, to let me know about the delay in delivery, he did ask if I received the link text, and since I said no, he did sort it out and after the call I was able to thankfully track my order. Getting back to the point of the delay, it did go an hour over, which was quite disappointing, but when the driver called and said that there was a large order before me, I found it understandable. If they hadn't called then I would definitely have been very disappointed because the customer should definitely know what is going on.

Once my ordered arrived, I was glad that I had my food in front of me haha. Overall I would say that the service is good in terms of the fact that they allow you to track your order, and they give you various restaurant choice (personal favourite point because they do Chaiiwala, Shakes and Fries, Tinseltown, Bru, Karamay). So despite my disappointment in the delivery time, I may give this service another go, when I am super hungry and can't be asked to go out. Just be warned about the delivery time hehe (something all delivery services have in common).

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