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Hi guys! Thank god, I am back, I was beginning to think when am I going to post on my blog, because it's been ages. But unfortunately I haven't had any content to post about. But now that I do, expects some blog posts heading your way before 2018. So last weekend, I decided to head to Nottingham, to visit Winter Wonderland, since the Christmas markets in Leicester wasn't all that. On arrival, we straight went to have lunch, because we knew were going to spend a good amount of time in the market.

Before I get onto the lunch, let me just say, parking in Nottingham is such a pain. Like there are Car Park areas but the prices are ridiculous. If anyone has experienced the same, then let me know by commenting below. 

My lunch was at Tamatanga. Since it was my first time going there, the waitress I had was kind to make me aware about the basics of the restaurants. She was super lovely, and kept checking up on me during my lunch. So in terms of service, it was great! I looked through the menu, and ordered Bang Bang Chicken, Lamb Tikka, Balchao Prawn Curry with Peshawari Naan, Rice, and Tamatanga Chips. 


T      H      E      M     E     N     U

B      A      N      G      B     A      N      G      C      H      I      C      K      E      N


These crispy chicken were very delicious and the spicy tama mayo that came with the dish was perfect to go with it. It was definitely cooked well, with the right amount of coating on the chicken (since sometimes you can get more coating and less meat). I can't really say anything bad about this item because there was no fault found.

L      A      M      B      T      I      K      K      A


These lamb tikka pieces were tender and yummy! The mint and coriander chutney was nice, but I did feel that this chutney had a more minty flavour to it, and personally i would have liked the flavours to be balanced, other than that the item in general was really good.

T      A      M      A      T      A      N      G        A      C      H      I      P      S


This! This was pretty addictive to have. And I always. Always. Appreciate places that make perfect crispy fries. It has to be right, and these totally were (I mean you HAVE to get something as simple as frying chips right). It’s not overpowering with herbs and spices and has the right amount for sure. Pretty tasty, and I would definitely recommend this! It’s not something so amazing, but it’s delicious, has flavour, and the fries were cooked just right!

B      A      L      C      H      A      O      P      R      A      W      N      C      U      R      R      Y
P      E      S      H      A      W      A      R      I      N      A      A      N


The prawn curry was lovely, the curry was mainly coconut based (only flavour you could really taste), so if you aren’t a coconut fan then this may not be the one for you. The consistency of the curry was just right. Another thing I loved about this curry was the decent amount of prawns! It doesn’t look a lot from the picture, but there really was. The price of the curry with a normal naan or rice is 11.95, and if you get the peshawari naan then it’s £1 extra. So technically the curry is around £9.95, which personally I feel is overpriced for that curry because the quantity is small. If it was around £7.50/8.50 then it would fine. 

The peshawari naan! Oh my gawd! This was delicious; we didn’t expect it to be thick (which left us not touching the rice that we ordered too). It was really really good! The naan is stuffed with pistachio and coconut, which made the naan taste sweet. One thing I would say is to get the Balchao prawn curry with either rice or normal naan, simply because if you have it with peshawari naan then you will be overpowered with the flavour of coconut. Hence why at times, I would just have the naan on it’s own! Overall this dish was great!

W      I      N      T      E      R      W      O      N      D      E      R      L      A      N      D


After lunch, I went to the Winter Wonderland. There's not much to say from here on wards simply because it would be unnecessary to go on and on about baseless things. But what I will say is that the market was beautiful! It was very busy there, which is standard when it's events like this. However, it was really nice being there, looking at the various things in each stalls, and also tasting the mini dutch pancakes which I will get onto further down. 


S      T      A      L      L      S

C      A      R      O      U      S      E      L



W      A      F      F      L      E      S

M      I      N      I      D      U      T      C      H      P      A      N      C      A      K      E      S

I loved these mini dutch pancakes, super cute. And it was entertaining to see it made. I ordered 20 pieces with nutella and strawberry which in total was £4. Of course it's overprices but hey ho, it's needed when you visit Christmas markets. It's either dutch pancakes, churros or waffles. 


C      O      O      K      I      E      L      O      U      N      G      E


My last stop before heading home was Cookie Lounge. When I was planning to go Nottingham, I was contemplating on whether to visit Cookie Lounge or not, and thankfully I was able to squeeze it in before ending the day. The lounge/cafe is gorgeous! AESTHETIC PLEASING for sure. I ordered a Orange Crunch Mega Shake. I don't remember everything that was in the shake, but Terry's Orange was involved! They have countless of various flavours, and drinks. It's endless! 


Although do bare in mind that there's two prices for each drinks. Take away and staying in. Staying in costs more obviously. Which is why we ordered ours for take out. The mega shake we ordered cost around £3.50/£4.50 if I am correct and it was worth it! It was enough to share between two people, and also filling. The shake had the right amount of flavours and consistency. Definitely how a milkshake should be like. 100% recommend this place to you all. 

This brings me to the end of the post. Hope you all enjoyed it, and just before you go, check out my vlog below, if pictures didn't justify everything, then how about videos? Also whilst you are at it, please like, comment and subscribe. It would mean a lot <3

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