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by - Saturday, July 18, 2015

Hi guys! How are you? How was your Ramadhan or summer holiday been?
It's been quite a while since ive posted. Sorry about that. I didn't want to post anything useless, over the last 2 weeks, but thankfully now I totally have a reason to post!

Eid Mubarak!!
Even though it will be quite late to say that because by the time you read this, Eid is over, unless you celebrate the 3 days xD

I just love Eid, the atmosphere, the joy that everybody feels is just so welcoming and fun. It's beautiful, because on normal days everyone is busy with their own lives. Parents working, siblings in their own rooms, but on this day and in Ramadhan, you come close to your family and just spend a day with one another.

This is Eid was quite different to how I usually spend it. This post is not going to be long, and I will just be covering the basics of Eid, and what I did. 

The Eid Attire

I wore a white long kaftan with gold designs on the wrist, collar and stomach area. Along side that I wore a black maxi viscous hijab, black heels, white 
body top, and black jeggings. Lastly I had a black purse.

Unfortunately I didn't have any leggings which is why I wore jeggings. Though it's completely upto you however you want to style the kaftan with.

I didn't wear any jewellery besides the usual (2 rings and bracelet) because the embroidery on the kaftan was just enough to make the outfit look great :)

Outfit - Sorry about the quality
Mendhi done by me, Details, and Purse
Full Mehndi Design
• Kaftan: Saudi Arabia
• Jeggings: £7.00 (Primark)
• Heels: £10 (Show Queen)
• Purse: £5 (Primark)
• Maxi Viscous Hijab: £2.79 (eBay)

Make Up

I kept the make up quite subtle and natural. The only products I had on my face were All in One BB Cream, black eyeliner, lightening touch, white eyeshadow and extra virgin minerals - compact foundation.

All the products.
Lightening Touch
Pretty Pallete
• All in One BB Cream: £12.00 (The Body Shop)
• Eyeliner: Burma
• Palette: Birthday Gift
• Lightening Touch: £14.00 (The Body Shop)
• Extra Virgin Minerals - Compact Foundation: £16.00 (The Body Shop)


I spent the morning going to one relatives house, and also just meeting a family friend, to say Eid Mubarak and just talk with them, though I stayed away from the conversation, because there are relatives that just the parents talk to a lot. Like what am I supposed to say xD

After Jummah Namaaz, we decided to go Loughborough since it wasn't quite to far from my place. I usually go with my family to meet more relatives however my mum just realised that we wouldn't be doing much if we just met the relatives since the rest of the day would be at home.

Instead we visited the Carillon Court Shopping Centre, and went looking around and many shops there. I didn't want to spend too much money since I already brought clothes a week ago, however in one shop I couldn't resist buying a red batwing long top, which was from a shop called Shout for only £5!

Doesn't this look gorgeous!
It looks absolutely gorgeous - plus I need a break from getting dark colours always. A change is nice sometimes. There were quite a lot of clothing items that caught my eyes, but I had to stop myself from buying them :")

My family and I spent around 2/3 hours just walking around, talking and also taking photographs (that was me only).

The rest of the day was spent at home, surrounded by the family and eating the delicious food my amazing mother made!



This year my mum made 4 food items: Gulab Jamun, Murga (filled with coconut), Katka, and Nimkin - the last two items I have no idea if that the name :") Also 2 boxes of freshly made cake by the local bakery.

And for the actual food, my mum made Naan Ghosh. Which is basically Indian curry with lamb meat with naan (bread). Which was soo scrumptious since it was so nice and spicy.

Gulab Jamun
Murga with Coconut Fillings
Nimkin (I Think)
Fresh Cake
That's about it guys. I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and why don't you let me know how your Eid was/is? And what's your favorite part of the celebration, and what did you guys wear?

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