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by - Thursday, January 18, 2018

Hi guys! So as requested here is the post on my review of some products I received from Shifa. Although I was mainly given the products to try out, and give feedback. I thought I would also do a post on it because I mean why not. I was given a Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Oil. All three products are Argan Oil based since my hair is pretty dry, and frizzy. There are other products available which target various types of hair such as Red, Blonde or Blue Hair etc. So if you are interested then feel free to contact her (I will leave the links down below).


I wash my hair 2/3 times I week. Mainly 2 times because my hair is already dry, so I don't really want to be stripping the natural oil that is produced from my hair. The steps to use the products is pretty simple. Shampoo, Conditioner and then Hair Oil. The shampoo does what a shampoo needs to do. So it cleans the hair, as well as applying that natural fragrance of argan. The conditioner, however, is what I love. I definitely feel the smoothness of my hair after leaving the conditioner in my hair for 3 minutes. And because it smoothens my hair, there's less frizziness which I am so happy with. 

Once the products are all washed off, and my hair slightly damp. I apply 2/3 pumps of the argan oil (which at this rate is going to finish, because of how much I use it). After applying the hair oil, I either brush my hair or simply leave it and anyone that has curly/wavy hair knows, it's pointless brushing/combing their hair, because it just gets even crazier.

The results of doing these steps twice a week for 3 weeks have been lovely! I love the products. It's helped my hair with its frizziness and dryness, for sure. And the hair oil definitely gives my hair a shiny finish, as claimed. I've also read that the argan oil helps with hair growth, which I can't really say anything about yet because I recently had a haircut. But I will leave an update on my insta story, in a month time maybe, about whether the argan oil helped with hair growth or not.

So yeah! City Looks is the only salon I trust with my hair. So as a customer of the salon, I put trust in the products, and I am glad that I did. Thanks again to Shifa for contacting me! I loved using the products, and I am still going to until they finish. I will have the links below to the relevant pages, so contact Shifa if you are interested, and I hope you guys enjoyed reading the post. Thank you!


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