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by - Monday, November 27, 2017

*DISCLAIMER: Service was offered on the basis of a review done upon it in return. However, all opinions are true and honest. 

Hi guys, it's been a while right? There's just been nothing for me to blog about lately, but thankfully I was given an opportunity to share something different with you all. I was contacted by Gurpriya from Cosmetology Hub. She told me about what she was offering, so basically what she was going to do and an overview of the steps. I was pretty intrigued by it because I've lately been thinking more about skincare on the face. I was told that the treatment would also be targetting acne and pigmentation which are definitely two skin concerns of mines. And that reason pushed me to go with it.

So rather than me typing up full paragraphs one after another. I am just going talk about it in points because it's more straightforward and I won't be rambling on too much.

I     N     F     O     R     M     A     T     I     O     N

Gurpriya, the facialist, has suffered from acne herself for many years and had gotten into the skin industry 10 years ago. She works for a leading skin clinic but also loves found independent treatments on people want done privately, hence the beginning of Cosmetology Hub. It is run by her sister and herself. The reason why the studio is private is that not everyone wants to walk around with a bare face in the city centre or come out of the treatment slightly red. So the idea of having these treatments done privately away from the city centre is there to encourage people and hope that they can get treatments done in the comfort of a home salon.

T     H     E      H     U     B



S     I     G     N     A     T     U     R     E       F     A     C     I     A     L

1. Deep cleanse with fruit enzymes (such as pineapple and papaya) to remove build-up makeup, dirt and prepare skin for further treatment.
2. Exfoliation using AHA's and BHA's to dissolve dead skin.
3. Pumpkin fruit peel to brighten dull skin and smooth skin cells.
4. Hydrodermabrasion to extract dead skin, this uses a device to suck up all the dead skin and clears blocked pores.
5. LED Light Therapy: Blue light was picked to kill acne, bacteria and reduce inflammation associated with acne skin type. A red light was also used for age delay and rejuvenation. 

A     B     O     U     T       M     Y       S     K     I     N

The skin condition was mild to moderate facial acne, hyperpigmentation, macular scars from old breakouts, excoriated area's where acne had been picked. Gurpriya examined my skin through a mag lamp, through which she saw enlarged pores, milia, comedones.

H     O     W       I       F     E     L     T

- It was cool when the cleansing product and exfoliation was put on.
- The massage was so soothing because Gurpriya knew exactly the way to work the products through the skin.
- When the AHA's was put on my face then I could feel a tingling sensation on my face, and that definitely told me that the product was working its way through the dead skin and dirt. After the exfoliation, my face felt lighter because dead skin and dirt were lifted off. 
- The skin peel left my skin feeling a little tight but it wasn't bad.
- The hydrodermabrasion felt so good on the skin, and it left my skin feeling like how it was meant to be. CLEAN.
- The LED light therapy was a little warm on the face, and I couldn't tell what it did to my face until after the treatment. 
- The hyaluronic acid was used to hydrate my face and when I looked at my face in the mirror then I could see how glowing my face looked which made me feel so good because my skin is always dry.
- Vitamin A night cream was used at the end because I did get the facial done in the evening. The cream worked well with the Hyaluronic acid because it kept my face hydrated for a long time. 

R     E     S     U     L     T     S

- Active acnes that I already had closed up because the skin created a scab over it., rather than staying open. 
- Face felt absolutely smooth and glowing after the treatment 
- No soreness or redness. I was told redness might occur after treatment, but on my skin, I didn't get any.
- I bought sunscreen. I've been told that SPF helps to reduce UVA/UVB damage, premature ageing and helps against free radicals and pollution in the air.
- The two active acne's went by the 3rd-day post-treatment. 
- I understood my face more, which was honestly so beneficial because before the treatment I would by products based on assumptions about my skin. But now that I know more about my skin, I can get products that are actually targetted towards my face.
- Compared to the past couple of months, this is the best my skin has felt and looked. My skin looks brighter, and the fact I have been able to see the acne's that I had before the treatment now gone, clearly shows that the treatment worked well. 

R     E     C     O     M     M     E     N     D     A     T     I     O     N     S

-  Facial treatment every 2-4 weeks alongside routine done at home. As you do more treatments, different active acids that are suited to your skin and concerns can be put into the routine to boost results. But it is key, to still maintain the skincare at home too.
- For people that have dry skin, acne-prone, and have pigmentation: use gentle cleansing twice (daily), fruit enzymes to exfoliate, AHA's to brighten old scars, SPF 50 daily to prevent premature ageing etc (as mentioned above).

S     E     R     V     I     C     E

The service was outstanding. Even before making the visit, when I was talking to Gurpiya over messages, then she was super lovely. She gave me the relevant details, and also put up with my questions which is really nice, because it showed to me, that she was as enthusiastic and keen on what she does. When I did meet her, then throughout the whole treatment she would make conversations, explain each steps before doing it, and also warn me about little things such as "cold water is going to be used now to remove the product", "you might feel a little tingling sensation" etc.

O     V     E     R     V     I     E     W

I loved the treatment. My face is looking so much better. There are no acne at the moment. And because of the results I have seen, I really am thinking of making regular visit especially with the offers they have (which I have mentioned below). I feel like the more treatments you do, the more results you will see, and that's what I really want because I'm sure many of you guys, just like me, get annoyed with acne and pigmentation if you suffer from it. Every skin is different, so what I went through may not be the same for everyone, that's why you should definitely research. I would really recommend you guys to look into facial treatments, and if you are thinking of getting one then give Cosmetology Hub a go.

O     F     F     E     R     S

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