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by - Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Hey, guys! You all know how much I loved the Creams in Coventry (just in case you haven't read it, then it's linked here). And since some of you guys still wanted a review on the Leicester one. Here it is. Creams in Leicester opened on 13th October, and the partner and I visited on the 14th! We both went in with HIGH hopes! And we don't really when it comes to new places, but since we have been to another branch, we definitely were hoping this one was going to be great too. 


We loved the interior! Compared to the Coventry one, this one looked so much more pleasing (maybe because it is fresh, brand new). The counter/display area is laid out similar, and the colour theme remains the same (obviously!!).


I did want to sit in a booth, but there were a lot of reservations, so we were made to sit at a standard table. It was fine though, we came for the desserts! The place accommodates for a various number of people. 2, 3, 4, 6 and more! I really liked how there's enough space between the counter and the tables/booths because the one in Coventry really gets crowdy and noisy when the lines build up during peak times. 


The bubble pop waffle was the main selling point! But because we had that already, we ordered a Bubbelicious (Sweet) Sundae and Choc 'Fr'enzy Waffle. 

Bubblelicious Sundae: Blue and pink bubblegum gelato, strawberry gelato, soft vanilla ice cream, bubblegum and strawberry sauces.

This was gooood! You get the option to pick sweet or sour. We picked sweet! And thankfully it wasn't overpowering with sweetness! The blue bubblegum gelato is the one! Their soft vanilla ice cream is just so nice! Definitely, gives the sundae a balance because of the other sweet gelatos. There really is nothing bad to say about it. It was all gelato and ice cream! So you can't really go wrong unless you claim ice cream as gelato or gelato as ice cream. 


Y     U     M     Y     U     M


Choc 'Fr'enzy: A mad mix of Choc‘n’hazelnut gelato and crushed Ferrero Rocher chocolates speckled with chocolate shavings and oozing with white and milk chocolate sauces.

About this, all I can talk about is the waffles! I finally have a place in Leicester doing great waffles! There will be people reading this who will nod their head, and others will do the opposite. I'm sorry I don't do heavenly desserts. Johnny Custard? Not bad, I like it. Madisons? Not been in ages! Fudge Puppy? Yes! But now when I want actual round waffles like this, then I can count on Creams! Hopefully. Still got to visit more, to see if the good service and food keeps on going.


But anyways, this was delicious! Perfect waffles, with the perfect amount of toppings! And between two people, this is great! Soft vanilla ice cream again is just really nice to have the waffles with. The hazelnut gelato, on the other hand, seemed like it was ice cream rather than gelato, because of the iciness. I'm hoping I'm wrong, but I'm not really sure. About the toppings, they sure aren't stingy with it. Look at it, the whole waffle is covered with sauces, and full round Ferrero Rocher!


As far as price goes, they are not overpriced. You are paying for what you get and I love places like that. It's so easy to spend money on food, but if a place makes it worth it then that is great. Service, in general, was great, a lady offered to explain the menu if it was our first time but because it wasn't, she didn't have to go through the menu which she was glad about haha. When we did arrive, then we did have to wait outside for about 10 minutes, which was fine because it was expected, but what I liked was how we were offered a menu to look at whilst we waited! Super helpful! 

So yeah. I now have dessert place to go! Happy me! And Happy partner! <3 


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