by - Sunday, March 25, 2018

Hiya! On friday, I visited Tipu Sultan. It was unexpected, and not planned at all. But was it worth the visit, especially as a first timer. And the fact that there's been various mixed reviews about the places. Well why don't you keep reading to find out.


Firstly, to begin with, 2 starters were ordered. Murgha (chicken) pakora and murgha haryali tikka. The chicken pakora was delicious, the meat itself was moist, and soft which made pulling the pakora apart satisfying. There was the right amount of batter on the chicken, and they really did give a generous amount of meat (which isn’t always the case with some restaurants). The only thing I would say about the pakora is that personally, I felt that it was slightly overcooked, hence the colour of the batter looks slightly darker.  But other than that it was yummy.


The chicken haryali tikka also was amazing! That wasn’t dry either and was coated with a decent amount of flavour. It was cooked to perfection, and honestly squeezing the lemon over the chicken pieces, does add extra flavour to the starter itself. I mean it’s placed there for a reason. There's nothing special about it, but its what you expect, and delicious. 


As for the mains, tiger prawns bhuna was ordered. It was going to be king prawns, but we thought let’s be extra, so we upped the game, and honestly, it was worth it! The tiger prawns were huge!!! On the menu, it did show that this curry had 3 chillies (in terms of spice), but personally, I didn’t find it so spicy, so if you eat spicy food then you may find it pretty standard. We managed to finish the whole curry, which is pretty rare when we go to indian restaurants. So this shows that there’s enough for 2 people, and you definitely will be left filled up. The tandoori naan was delicious when it’s fresh, I mean that’s always the case for every fresh naan. But the size of one is pretty big. So you might want to order one first, and then see if you need more after.



Overall the visit to Tipu Sultan was worth it. As mentioned in the beginning, I have read many many mixed reviews, and honestly, I was apprehensive to visit the Leicester branch, because I wanted to go to the Birmingham one, as it’s raved more. But it’s good I went because generally at least I was able to see that the Leicester one itself without the comparison to the Birmingham one is actually good. It was worth the pay, and the food was great.

In terms of service, it was fab (I just love going to places in the daytime, and in the non-busy hour). Service is always better during those times no matter where you go, and not just that, but there was someone always around that kept checking up on us. And, before ending this review, let me just praise how gorgeous the interior design is in Tipu Sultan! Well thought out, and absolutely outstanding! So if there are any first timer, live in Leicester, and don't want to make the 1 hour trip to Birmingham like me, then do give the Leicester one a go, and then form your opinion, because you just never really know.  


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