Review | Kiehl's Facial Haul

by - Thursday, January 25, 2018

Hey guys! As I mentioned on my Instagram, here's my reviews on the Kiehl's products I got my hands on. I went into Debenhams with the intention of just getting the ultra facial cream. Nothing else. But don't we all think that when we go into a store. So let me get the reviews on the product besides the facial cream done first. 


If you guys read my posts on Instagram and on here, then you may have read me mentioning about my amazing foam wash by The Body Shop. It's honestly my favourite. But this facial wash is really not bad either, in fact, it has become my second fave. You really don't need a lot of the product, just a little amount will go a long way, which is AWE-some because the product is less likely to finish quickly. The facial wash doesn't leave my face feeling tight, which I love because that is not a nice feeling, especially when my skin is dry. And it definitely leaves my skin feeling smooth. So far so good! 

I love serum! It's a step in a skincare routine besides a moisturiser that provides hydration! From the sample packet I got at least two uses out of it, and I really liked it when it was used. The serum was not too thick and had the right consistency, so when it was applied, my skin sucked the product in really well. This left my skin feeling plump and hydrated, which is just what I WANT.

The hydration masque was another product that was good! With the sample packet, just like the serum, I got two uses out of it. When I used them, I followed the instructions as mentioned on the packet. What I loved about this masque was the easy application. The texture of the masque was kind of gel type, which made applying it on the face easy. And when the product was washed it, it left my skin feeling hydrated, and refreshed. 

 Lastly! The ultra facial cream. This is really known amongst beauty bloggers, and I kind of never understood why, because personally, for me, something has to be really good for it to justify the price it's been tagged for. However when it comes to skincare, sometimes a couple of extra £££'s may just help with your skin. Which definitely was the case for this product. I love to make my face feel super hydrated and glowy. And some moisturisers that I have used would make my face feel smooth etc for a little while, but then it would go back to normal. 

Not just that, but I could tell when a product is just sitting on the surface of my skin. But this facial cream has done wonders! My face easily absorbs the cream which is what I need because that ends up leaving my skin feeling smooth and hydrated (jheez! I've realised how many times I have used the word SMOOTH and HYDRATED). I definitely miss this product on my face, when I don't have it on because I just love the way my face feels with the cream on. So if you are a person that has dry skin, then give this product ago! Or if you are a person that has found a dupe of this cream, then do let me know, please.

Hope you liked this post. I actually have no idea what my next post will be, or if I will even be posting next week. Which is a shame, because I have been posting for 3 consecutive weeks now (even though it's once a week). But yeah, leave any comments down below, about your opinions if you've used these products, or on what you would like to read. Thank you! 

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