Teen Wolf Season 5 Premiere + Episode 2

by - Thursday, July 02, 2015

OH MY GOSH! Finally the day has arrived. Teen Wolf is back! Literally missed the show since it has been over a year since the season 4 finale. And let me just take a moment to appreciate the season 5 premiere episode. It was outstanding, because most of the time I was just shocked.

Firstly let me start with the fact that Lydia is in that Asylum. Why? What happened? How did she end up there? Who is that man? So many questions but season 5a will answer all that.

So it clearly looks like the flashbacks that Lydia is having are the ones that happened after the season 4 finale. The senior scrible, Kira leaving Scott, Mama McCall slapping Daddy Stilinksi, Stiles in a accident, the desert wolf finding Malia, and Parrish getting out of the fire. This episode has honestly left us so curious and wanting answers already!

Desert Wolf found Malia
Stiles in a accident
Now shall we appreciate Lydia! Damn I love that girl, and she has just gotten so much better! Her action scene was oh my, what a badass. I really love Lydia's courage and attitude. That girl is hella amazing. Her acting skills are so freaking good.

Her expressions and acting! In love <3
That action scene though by Holland! 
The enemies for this season - woah. Like what the hell. So freaky but hey Teen Wolf is filled with freaky enemies like the nogitsune. But the creature that we saw with Parrish was weird but we have seen way much more weirder and scary creatures.

The couples aww! It was cute seeing Scott and Kira (will always love Scott and Allison together no matter what) . I can't say that about Malia and Stiles because deep down I root for Stiles and Lydia (anyone who ships them - I'm with you). Though Malia is hilarious with her confusing and blunt moments. Ah! I love that moment when that man in the asylum said to Lydia that 'of course you remember what happened to stiles' = Stydia ❤

Mama McCall is so awesome. It was funny seeing the part where she called Scott and said that there's dinner in the fridge and then she finds out there is no dinner. Like she's so cool and funny. Love her support for her son and how she's always protective. For a season when that creature was in the room, I was like Oh Shit. no ways! But thankfully he didn't do anything to Mama McCall.

The best part of the premiere other than the opening scene was the senior scrible. It was sweet seeing how Stiles wanted all his friends to come together because he didn't want to lose them, because honestly I would hate if the friendship between Stiles, Scott and Lydia ever broke up. When everyone was signing there name on their shelves, and seeing Derek's initials from the previous year was upsetting because obviously he's not in the show now as a main character but will appear sometimes. But man do I miss the old cast members!

Derek Hale
Miss this cast so much
The Allison moment was so sad, having watched Teen Wolf for so long, these kind of moments touches your heart because you've been through it all with the show. I loved how it was Scott who wrote her initials because like I mentioned I'm gonna always love their pairing. Also when Lydia mentioned how she's is still with them was so loving and sweet, because Lydia and Allison's friendship were seriously goals!

Best scene! Honestly so emotional..
Lastly the new character Theo. Just like Stiles I don't trust him at all. Especially after watching episode 2 'Parasomia'. No ways do I trust him and I hope Scott sees that and believes him, because in Beacon Hills you can't trust anyone new.

Disclaimer: If you have not watched the second episode of Teen Wolf, then avoid reading what is below - unless you have watched it or just want to spoil it for yourself.  

Parasomia! The second episode was another fantastic episode. It was all revolved around Theo and whether he could be trusted or not. Also how a new girl called Tracy is having issues which is connected to the doctors. Man they are so eurgh.

Clearly Theo can't be trusted because in the last few minutes of the episode you see how he tortures those couple, because the man got the signature wrong. And that evil sound of his - damn we got a badass here. But Stiles is so clever he freaking realised it as well. But unfortunately Scott doesn't believe him fully. I get why Stiles is so precautions about Theo, because firstly as soon as he was in town all this doctor and slaugh thing started, then he wants to be in Scott's pack. Seriously this guy will be causing so much problem in Beacon Hills. And really Scott fell for the heartwarming story that Theo told him, like come on Scott! You can't trust everyone! Sometimes you have to be logical!

Always trying to solve cases :)
Man I just hope Theo doesn't cause a gap between Stiles and Scott, even though it feels like he will. Oh let's not forget that he tried to attack Liam. Bruh who does this guy think he is?! I feel sorry for Stiles, because what is Theo starts to become closer to Scott, and kind of takes his place. NOOOO! That ain't happening! Jeff Davis you better not! Though I read somewhere on a website that this scene is going to be the rockiest one for Scott and Stiles friendship..

To be honest I don't like Lydia and Parrish, I don't know why people ship them, but I don't see themselves as a good couple. Like yeah I understand as close friends because they help each other out quite a lot. But couple? Nah. 

Tracy seems so nice and she's too innocent to go through the crap that are luring in Beacon Hills. It's going to be interesting to see what big role she has in the show because though we know that she been captured by the doctors and they put something inside her, but what is the reason? And why are the doctors in Beacon Hill and after Scott? Literally so many questions that season 5a needs to answer.

What the hell?

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