Crossfire | The End Of Castle

by - Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Castle is dear to my heart. It's not a show that I've been watching for many years, but I've been watching it for over a year. Went through the emotional stories, enjoyed the action and crime side to the show and had loads of laugh because of the humorous cast. But unfortunately this is the last season. I hate that it's ending over some rating figures because there are fans like me that deeply love the show. However, shows will come to an end soon, and that time has come for Castle.

I'm glad the whole storyline on Lockset has ended. I felt that it dragged on too long, but in a way it was a nice way to end the show because we got the revelation of who the big bad guy was throughout the whole TV show. And who was the bad guy Mason. His sudden appearance in this specific episode was strange. So when they did reveal that Lockset was Mason, it wasn't much of a shock but I still hated it. It's always the close ones that then out to be freaking horrible!

The part in this finale that was painful and so sad to watch was when Richard had to mention everyone's name; Martha, Espo, Ryan, Hayley, Rita, and Alexis. You could honestly see how hard he was trying to fight back the truth serum. Kate is too good! She is bloody smart. I loved how she figured out it was Mason when he took her to the basement. Plus that kickass move by Kate was amazing. It was too easy the way Richard and Kate took down Mason, but I'm just happy that there is a happy ending. 

Wait! What happy ending! They both got shot by Caleb Brown, okay I guess not because seven years later they are alive. The last 10 minutes did give me a little panic attack, but Castle isn't Castle if they don't make you go through an emotional roller coaster. 

I felt the finale was quite rush, I feel one more episode wouldn't have hurt the show. One scene jumped one after another and I would have enjoyed if they shown taking Mason down, a bit more difficult, rather than just a few tackles and drop. However I did read in the comments that at the time of the filming they were unaware on whether there would be a season 9 or not. If there was Beckett would have died and Castle would have continued to investigate without her. But since the show got cancelled they filmed a quick flash forward so that it could give us viewers a better closure, a happy ending. 

In that sense I'm satisfied with the episode. Let me know what you Castle fans think? I'm sure you lovelies would have various opinions on the finale. 

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