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by - Thursday, March 10, 2016

Wow. Just wow. The season finale was great, I honestly loved it. Honestly I thought there were going to be 24 episode for this season, but to find out that it was 20 episode broke my heart. Now what do I do? 

I hate the beast, literally hate him so much. Everyone hates the enemy, but Teen Wolf always needs one. However, I do think that this beast isn't as fierce as the other ones in the previous seasons. Maybe that's just me.

Theo is, or even maybe was god knows what happened to him after his sister grabbed him (which was a badass movement from Kira and the Skinwalkers), a psychotic person! He stole Tracy's power and killed her, then tried attacking Scott and Liam, and ended up trapping Lydia. Like no! Just no, you don't attack the pack! A spoiler ahead though, it seems like we may not be saying goodbye to Theo, as he could be coming back again, as said by Jeff.

So glad Deucalion snapped his neck. And that guys was the point I was like woah! He was with Scott all along, which came as a surprise and a damn good surprise, because seeing the ones who once were an enemy to pack, was now supporting them.

Then that Argent family moment. Chris pointing the gun at Gerard. Hate that old guy. Only put up with him because he was helping them all, despite having his own reasons. But this quite expected because Gerard is a mothereffin' cow, and this scene between them is not usual. It's normal between the Argent's.

So basically, Gerard and Theo, two worst people of the season got played. They got played well.  Because they deserved it, actually I wished Karma was more of a b*tch.

The scenes between Malia and the Desert Wolf, I found quite boring. I just wasn't into them. But thankfully the Desert Wolf is gone. Okay not gone, gone, but at least she won't be around to cause any nuisance *fingers crossed*. There was no big action between them, besides the game of Tom and Jerry between them. 

I loved this season, why? Because this was all about Lydia. She's was basically the centre of attention, because of her powers and her capability. Lydia is an outstanding character. I love her to bits. She grown loads over the past couple of seasons, and she's for sure more than just a banshee. 

And should I mention the Stydia moments. It was perfect. I adore how this season input a couple of Stydia moments because although they were a few minutes long, it was worth it. It was beautiful. Despite Stiles thinking he might pass out, he still held her hand. He freaking held a hand, the love! Come on Jeff! They need to be a couple already! Who agrees with me? 

Now to the emotional, worthwhile part of the finale. Sebastian tapped into Scott's mind and saw some Scallison moments. And may I say that was emotional, seeing Allison again. She became the reason for Scott being saved, and it was beautiful. It was such a lovely way of showing Allison back again in the episode, and I loved it. Any Teen Wolf fans would have admired this moment. Not just that scene but another scene that made me happy, and was definitely a heartfelt moment was when the three original characters, Scott, Lydia and Stiles were together, in the end. It just shows how they are with each other no matter what, and I'm glad that these three stayed, no matter how many characters come into the shows, and people fall in love with them, it never beats to the original casts, and I miss that.

Kira, is back with the Skinwalkers, which may be for quite a long time. Stiles is now going to joining the Law Enforcement, Scott and Lydia are all fine, and managing with their life. Hayden is now Scott's beta, and officially a wolf, so good for her. Parrish and Scott destroyed the Beast. But what is to come next? The Nazi Werewolf. Where did he disappear? What happened? We will find that out in the next season?

What are your comments on the season 5 finale? Leave it down below in the comments section <3

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