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by - Saturday, March 12, 2016

Hiya! I've had quite a lot more comments on my photographs about the theme of my instagram currently. And to be honest, I'm loving my current theme too. I've changed my theme way too many times, and it's been so hard for me to stay consistant with them. Thankfully I've stuck to this one so far. So why not do a post on how I edit my photographs.

What I use to edit my photographs are VSCO Cam, and Instagram editing tools. For my quotes I use Pinterest or the simple and easy site Google.

Here's an example of a photograph that I will use to show the editing progress. To take shots, I use the VSCO Cam, because it allows me to use the square feature, which I can't use in my original camera app because it would change the resolution. So I find VSCO Cam best. Not just that but I'm able to see how the theme would look like on instagram because of the exact same layout.

I then edit the photograph on the same app, and the settings I use are: 

HB1: +12
Brightness: -1 
Contrast: +2 
Shadows: +7 

Once that is done I share image onto Instagram. Instagram has definetly up their editing game. It is pretty amazing how they have added and created such great features, that actually do make a real and beautiful difference to the photograph. Usually on Instagram, I don't have a specific numbers to set each tools on. But the 4 tools I always use are Brightness, Contrast, Highlights and Shadows. For this photograph, these were the settings:

Brightness: +11
Contrast: +16
Highlights: +18
Shadows: -12 

I use these tools again despite having them used on VSCO Cam, because they give a brighter and colourful look to the shot. Sometimes I use Saturation and Sharpen tool if needed otherwise I just use 4.

For the quotes, as mentioned, I have recently been saving them from Google or Pinterest. What I search is 'Brush Quotes' because I love the handwritten brush styled quotes, they are gorgous and simple. Otherwise another option that I also use at times is to screenshot quotes that I find inspiring, or just love them from Instagram.

If you also want to check out my previous How I Edit My Instagram Photos, (which was successful) then I have linked the post to the title, hope that post helps anyone. 

Thats all lovelies. My theme is quite simple, and easy to follow. Hopefully one day I can take it to the aesthetic level, otherwise for now, I'm loving this. What do you think? also why not leave your Instagram link, and I will surely follow you! <3

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