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by - Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hey lovelies! How are you all doing? Sorry for having not updated the past couple of days. I have gone blank on what to post, and thankfully yesterday I went out, with my partner to the cinema's, and lunch, as I had no college because of strike day. So why not an outfit post. 

I recently was gifted a black long dress, which I have been loving styling because it's simple, and can be combined with various colours. I love dark colours, so it was only needed for me to dress it with not so bright colours. 

I styled the outfit with a grey long cardigan, which is absolutely lovely. It is not too thin, or too thick, which is great for a warm yet windy day because it definitely kept me warm yesterday. The cardigan is nice and baggy around the arm, and is nicely tight around the wrist, as shown below. Unfortunately there were no pockets to the cardigan, which I would have loved as it would have been much better. I also wore a black hijab with the outfit, because well it matched, and I love black hijab! 

The bag I carried is convenient for a day out. It has quite a lot of space inside, there is no sections, but for a day out, it's perfectly fine. The only thing I would suggest is to not store too many things inside it because it would pull from the bottom. 

Lastly I pieced the outfit with a simple black flats, please do excuse the state of it, I do know I need to buy another pair! I'm a flats/hi-tops girl. I enjoy wearing heels, but that is only left for occasions. These flats were casual and fine for this outfit and any other outfits.

That's it lovelies. You can style the outfit for a causal daytime outfit, or you can add a pair of heels, with a statement necklace for a night out with your loved ones. Hope you enjoyed the post. Leave your comments down below on what you think.

Outfit Items:
- Long Straight Black Dress: Gift
- Grey Cardigan: Gift
- Black Bag: Primark
- Black Flats: Primark
- Hijab: eBay

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