Was It Worth The Hype? | Marco & Carl

by - Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hi guys! We've recently had Marco & Carl opened in our area, and for me that meant a new place to try out, because my partner and I have just been to way too many food restaurants that's been in the area for a long time. 

Now I had heard many good things about the place, and also seen lovely photographs of yummy food. So having taken all that into consideration, we decided to pop by.


The atmosphere was vibrant and nice. I liked the vintage touch the place had to the settings and arrangements. The service was not bad, though I feel it could have been better because there were times where we had to wait for someone despite putting our hands up for a long time. 


The first item we ordered was a flame grilled lamb chops. My partner and I are a chicken person, and we don't usually order beef or lamb, however lamb chops is something I haven't had in a very very long time. So we placed an order for that. 

When the lamb chops arrived, I indulged in the mashed potatoes just to give it a try, and it was alright. I've become so used to homemade mashed potatoes that I wasn't too fond of the one we received. 

The sauce that the lamb chops was coated on, I found was quite lovely. It had a nice spicy kick to it, as well as the sweet taste, so it was a nice balance. The lamb chops itself was okay. There were more fat then meat, which basically meant that there were a small portion of meat we could eat. 

The lamb chops costed between £6-7 pounds, and to me I found that quite expensive for just three pieces of small lamb chops. 


Mumbai Classic Pizza was the second item we ordered. Now I love my pizzas' especially if they are filled with cheese, and have loads of meat. But unfortunately I was disappointed with the pizza they served. As you can see from the pictures, there firstly wasn't much cheese and secondly it was filled with vegetables that I was wondering where all the chicken were. However the base of the pizza was great, not too thick or thin, and had a crispy edges. The pricing of the pizza was roughly between £8-10, and I guess it's normal for a classic pizza, but I could have got a tasty cheese and meat filled 3 for 10 pizza from Raja's. 

So the question is was it worth the hype? I don't think so. Maybe it was just the first visit, or what we ordered. I have heard that their burgers are great, but my personal choice is to refrain from gourmet burgers, so I won't be trying that out. It wish I could have said lovely things about my place, since I usually don't have many bad experiences, but this was the first time I just felt 'meh' about a place. 

However this is my opinion that I wanted to share with you guys. I don't want to put anyone off, because there still must be something good for everyone, and I still see pictures of people enjoying the food, so by all means do try it out. If there's anyone that has been to the place, then do let me know how your experience has been in the comment section down below! 

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