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by - Thursday, March 03, 2016

Hey lovelies! It's been a while since I've done a post on just food. On Wednesday, my partner and I popped down to Room IV, for a big breakfast. Well it was more like we just wanted a reason to go to Room IV, and we wanted food. Just a little warning, be prepared to get hungry because the pictures you will see which make your mouth watery and crave for some of them. 


What did we order first? Chicken Panini and Chicken Toasties. Toasties for moi, and Panini for him. Oooo! It was delicious. Chicken, cheese, salad, there was a right proportion for them all in the toasties and the paninis. The sauces that they gave with the panini, was too good. I had most of the garlic sauce (I think) one, with the toasties and the paninis, as we shared one of each. I've had the chicken panini before, but what I found different was that the filling wasn't as saucy, which I find good in a way because the filling is less likely to fall on you or the table, so I'm glad of that. Originally I was going to for a nutella and banana on toast, but the chicken toasties was just lovely. 


If you visit Room IV, you are most likely to get tempted to buy waffles, no matter what time of the day. And that has been the same case once again. Who cares if it's 9 o'clock in the morning, that doesn't stop me from ordering waffles. Room IV makes the best waffles, and they never fail at that. The waffles are always soft and delicious, I can have the waffles by itself too because it just has so much tastiness in it. The strawberries, whipped cream, ice cream and chocolate sauce just adds so much more taste, and it's just beautiful! Honestly, I just can't get enough of it. 


Macaroons! Never tried them, and my partner and I have been many to for quite a while. So what better way than to try out Iced Macaroons, from Room IV, and oh gosh! Just thinking about it makes me want more! I freaking freaking loved it. 6 cute ice cream filled macaroons, what could go wrong? The answer is nothing. It honestly was fantastic, I loved how each macaroons had a distinctive taste to it, for example strawberry, cream, coconut, pistachio and more. The crispiness, and cold ice cream was perfect. They were all so damn good, that I'm for sure going to buy them next time when I visit the shop. I'm so glad I had my first macaroons experience in such a great way. I totally would suggest this, if you pop down Room IV. 


Did that tempt you? I know it did. If you still haven't checked out the place, then please do. The team are fabulous people, and very talented. Room IV is not just known for the food they provide to the customers but also for their helpful work towards the less fortunate people. Do contribute to their cause if you can, and enjoy! <3

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