My First Uber Experience | Travel

by - Monday, March 28, 2016

Picture taken from Google

There's quite a stigma, yet also positive comments associated with Uber, and from news I've read, I've been hesitant to try out the service Uber provides. However just recently, with the free rides that are available when you use someone's code, as well as the persuasion from my partner, we decided to go ahead with using it. 

Well what can I say? I was pleasant with the journey. I was a bit worried at first because my other half and I used a free ride, so we weren't exactly sure whether we would get it for free because of how money goes out from PayPal. But I was rest assured by the end of the journey that it was definitely free. 

The fact that you find out who your driver is, where they are and what car they are using, I find is helpful. It just makes life tad bit easier, knowing whether the driver can be trusted or not.  We thankfully got a 4.1 star rated driver, which was good. 

So far so good, personally I don't think I would use it all the time, just because I can't be asked paying money on that, when I can be walking to most of the places I want to visit in my city, and if I can't then I will survive with buses, or free rides from Uber.

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