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by - Friday, March 25, 2016

Hey lovelies! How have you all been doing? Excited that the Easter Holiday has arrived, and do you have any plans? For me, I've been better but alhumdulillah getting better, as for the holidays I'm looking forward to more sleep, but not the amount of revision I got to do. 


Currently, what have I been up to? Nothing besides taking a trip to visit this cute and beautiful hidden gem. BakerStCakes. The store is a Macaron and Cake boutique. Originally the business was being held through online, but just recently, the business was turned into a store. Alhumdulillah! 

BakerStCakes, is small store, so take in mind that you won't always find a place to sit, so a take out might just have to be an option. Though that shouldn't put you off because either way you will be having some delicious macaron or cakes. 

The layout, and setting of the boutique, is super minimal, and classy as you can see from the shots taken. It's beautiful though (you feel like even a small crumble would ruin the place hehe). But Masha'Allah, its still amazing. 


What are the items that you see above then? Well during my visit, I treated my partner and I to, Raspberry Rose Pistachio Cupcake, Nutella Hazelnut Praline Cupcake, Pistachio, Hazelnut and Coconut Macarons, with Hot Chocolate.


Instead of choosing something chocolate related like always, I opted for something different, something Raspberry Rose Pistachio type. The cupcake itself was soft and light, which is great because I love when cupcakes are made just how they are meant to. I liked how there was a difference in the combination itself, so rose and pistachio, because I wouldn't think of combining them. But the cupcake came out pretty good. I would say that a bit more pistachio flavour would be lovely. But this cupcake was more towards the light side, where the flavours weren't too harsh, and instead quite subtle. 

The two macarons. Pistachio and Hazelnut. I absolutely enjoyed the pistachio, I mean that flavour goes with anything. The hazelnut, definitely had that hazelnut taste which can never go wrong. The macaron, and filling was perfectly made. And it was lovely to have tried out an original Macaron first time, instead of an Iced Macaron from Room IV.


My personal favourite, and I think it will remain that one for a while is the Nutella Hazelnut Praline Cupcake! Oh that was the bomb! It was delicious! That nutella piped in the middle of the inside of the cupcake, with smooth hazelnut icing, was just goodness in the mouth! And not to forget those crunch from the little toppings on the cupcakes added that yummy extra taste. 

The coconut Macaron was yummy too Masha'Allah. It was made well, and it had a great coconut tastes, as I also love coconut so I didn't find any fault. There was a nice crunch into the Macaron, then the smooth filling just gave it that delicious taste7. 

Lastly the hot chocolate. It's was homemade which I enjoyed because you can just tell, as it made me feel like I'm having it back home. I loved the way it was presented, Masha'Allah. Plus with my sore throat, a hot drink was needed. I will be back again though to try the Luscombre Drinks they have.

Overall my visit was great. It's a place, that I wish I could visit more often but with timings and the location of the boutique which is a bit far, doesn't make that possible. But alhumdulillah I'm happy that I finally did get a chance. The boutique is Masha'Allah designed and laid out so well. And the food and drinks are delicious. There is something for everyone, for example they also sell cake slices, chocolate covered oreos, tea and coffee. So do plan a visit to the boutique, you will love it. I pray that Allah blesses prosperity and success to the owner for the business to keep going well. Insha'Allah. 

That's all lovelies. Hope you enjoyed the post, and got hungry whilst looking at the photographs, sorry not sorry about that, my posts are usually filled with food hehe. Until next time. 

You can find BakerStCakes in the following links:

All photographs rightfully belong to SimplyRabiaPhotography (Me), please do not steal and use as your own.

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  1. Ahhh everything looks so good! great post <3 Still need to go check out this place!