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by - Wednesday, March 02, 2016

This topic was inspired by Kainat aka DupattaDiaries, one of my favourite inspirational woman. Recently she posted on Instagram, mentioning about divorced parents and forced marriages, and it made me realise that I actually do have something personal I can share with my lovelies. 

What is life like with divorce parent's? It's hard. In my situation, I love them both equally, so it's even hard because my father lives in France, whilst I live with my mother in the UK. So the distance is a problem for my father and us kids. Not meeting him all the time is tricky, so when I do get the opportunity to go France, I try to take it because well I want to spend time with him. 

Being the eldest and seeing the marriage fall apart was a journey. You are grown with two parents who have been with you all the time, surrounding you with their love, when slowly slowly the love between them itself goes away. At that point you think why. But because I was understanding by the age it happened, I guess I understood it, however not as much as I understand it now. As time goes on, you realise that it just wasn't meant to be.  

If the marriage continued, it would have turned into a forced marriage, where two partners are forced to be with each other for the children's, and the children's are usually the main reason. But the constant fights and arguments just wouldn't be helpful for the couple nor the kids. It just wouldn't help.  There wouldn't be anything good out of it. But that doesn't mean that two partner's can't try again. However if the same bad situation kept occurring then it's better for the parents to split up. There is no point putting themselves and the children through the torture. 

We can't control such situations. Nobody comes into marriage with the idea that it's going to end. They hope it survives, but if for some sort of reason it doesn't work out, then staying together forcefully will have no good outcome. 

I wish my parents weren't divorced, and instead were together. We would be a happy family. But there was something I understood from this,which is that I want my parents happy, and if that meant the divorce, if that meant my parents re marrying to someone else. Then that's what I would like. And that's what happened. 

I don't pray that this happens to anyone. But if this has happened to you, or is happening, then you are not alone. Many like me are or have been in the same position.

And here's a question to you lovelies, if it came to down such scenarios, what would you pick or prefer, forced marriage or divorce?

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