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by - Monday, February 29, 2016

Hey lovelies, I'm back wth a haul post, which in fact has been a very long time, since I've done one of these. My go to online shopping place is Everything 5 Pounds, I've shopped there quite a few times over the past 2 years, and I've always got a great experience from them. 

What I love about the shop is obviously the fact that I can get good quality clothing items for just 5 pounds, and it's worth it. They are not cheap standard or anything like that. They are amazing. For me, what my logic is that, if there's a dress from New Look, which I can find an exact or similar one on Everything 5 Pounds, then why not. It's just a way of me saving money. Plus it's not like the shop is ripping me off. 

I usually buy an size extra when it comes to clothes, because you just never know. I'm usually a size 12, and shopping online can be quite risky because sizes vary from different places. So to be on the safe side getting a size extra is fine because you can always adjust it, whereas as if it was tight then it would be a problem, and I can't be asked returning items. Here's what I bought lovelies:


Burgundy Skater Dress and Grey Skater Dress. 

Skater dresses, or Shift dresses, are my comfort zone. I love those type of dresses because I feel that it just suits me better. I dislike straight dresses or any dresses that hug my figure. I just feel uncomfortable. 

So buying a skater dress was a must, because I needed more. I recently just wore the grey dress, and it was so nice and soft. I loved the material of it. Plus the three quarter sleeves is perfect for the upcoming warm weather. When I wore the dress, I paired it with black jeans, black hijab, and grey shawl. 

The burgundy dress has the same feel to the grey one so I have no doubt that I would find any fault in it. 


The next items are a Round Neck Oversized Dress and Black Drawstring Palazzo Trousers. 

I've always wanted an oversized dress, and thankfully this one caught my eyes, I just loved the colour, quite romantic but also cute. Definitely keeping it for an occasion coming up soon. One things I would definitely recommend to you is that if you buy this, then get it exactly your size or a size smaller. I thought a size 14 would be fine, but I should have just got my normal size 12, because it was a bit baggy. But I love it. 

I once tried a drawstring trouser, and it was comfy, but usually when wearing those type of trousers then you would style it with tops or some thing, which one me. But this time I tried to go for a change and bought that, hoping I would try something out of my comfort zone. The trouser is in fact a maternity trouser, so once again, get a size that is the same as your usual, or smaller. I had to get a black one because I black is my favourite, and it goes with anything. The only problems I have with the trousers is that, there is pockets but they are not big or wide enough to classify them as pockets because my hands don't go through. So I wish it did. 


Lastly these are the two cardigans I bought. A Blue Collared Longlined Cardigan, and a Peach Light Weight Sleeveless Waterfall Cardigan. I am in love with the waterfall cardigan, it's gorgeous. I couldn't wait to wear it so I wore it on the week of the package arrival and it's perfect. The material of the cardigan is felt, so it's smooth and soft. It's comfy and fits so well.  I love how it's sleeveless because I don't own many of them, so this would be great for the summer. 

The blue collar longlined cardigan is cute too. I think I would pair that with the palazzo trousers and body top. Or you can even style that with a high wasted jeans and body top. But the material is great, and it has pockets so that's convenient!

Overall what I love about this hauls is that there are new items which I don't own, or been wanting to get, other than the skater dresses, so I'm glad that I bought those. And I can't wait to style or wear the rest. Hopefully I will try to get some outfit pictures for them for you lovelies too! 

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