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by - Sunday, February 21, 2016

Hiya lovelies, here's a post on how I spent my day yesterday. If was beautiful, since I met my other half after a week, which was depressing, because I missed seeing his face and just being with him.

 There was an open day being held in De Montfort University, and with the season of UCAS being on, having to go there was a good idea just so I could ask any questions that I needed to. I received a goodie bag, a voucher for free few or coffee which was worth going to haha, and also wondered around the campus. The atmosphere in DMU was lovely like my previous visit, music was going on, students were around willing to help and the aromatic smell were coming from food stalls. 


 After spending a bit of time there, my partner and I visited Tinseltown, since it was just a 5 minutes walk away from the university. Tinseltown is an American diner. I enjoy visiting there because the vibrance and atmosphere is just fun. Plus the food is delicious. 

I ordered a Fired Up Cajun Chicken Burger with Fries and Creamy Cajun dip, whilst my other half bought The Challenge Chicken Burger, with Fries and Piri Piri dip. 

I usually do get the burgers and that too chicken because chicken are the best, I dislike beef, and lamb is alright. Though next time I should try some lamb chops, or chicken pieces etc. 


I usually don't order desserts, and instead go somewhere else, but because my amazing partner wanted to go full out, and have a big lunch, we ordered a Ferrero Rocher Sundae. The sundae was quite nice, but it could have been better if there was less whipped cream, and now Ferrero Rocher, within the ice cream rather than just on the whipped cream. 


I love spending time with my partner. We have so much fun, just talking by about random things, the future, people around and more. We bring happiness and laughter to each others life, for example his lame jokes makes me laugh and smile or my weird singing and crazy behaviour makes him happy. I wouldn't want to spend such days like this or even everyday with anyone else but him. He makes me comfortable, and honestly that guy just knows way too many stuff about me. There are times were we do argue, but what's beautiful is that it usually doesn't last too long because it pains us not to talk to each other. Every relationship I think does need some arguments but it also depends on how you handle them. Disagreements show that there is love between one another. 

The surprise for the day was this. A Pandora bracelet, with a charm. I once told him that Pandora bracelets are gorgeous and one day I would buy one for myself. From then onwards he never forgot that. Our fourth year anniversary is coming up in 17 days and getting gifts for one another when we don't even hve a job is quite hard, but we manage to make such occasions special however we can. 

Love makes you do crazy things and I honestly can say that. I told him that he didn't need to waste any money on gifts, and I appreciate and happy with just being with him. So yesterday when he forced me to go into Pandora's he made sure to complete his mission of getting my the bracelet despite me saying no. 

Now the charm was really not needed, the bracelet itself would have been enough. But he found the Essence Collection, and decided to get a charm too. Being in a relationship, the first cliche charm to get would be love, and I thought he would get that. Instead he bought Faith, and I found that beautiful and sweet. It makes me feel that no matter what he has faith in me and whenever I look at my wrist and see that charm, I can always tell myself that my partner has faith in me, even if I don't have faith in myself.

And that lovelies was an insight to one of my days. How was your half term holiday, or weekend? Hope you all had a great one like I did. College is back on Monday, and I am so not looking forward to the learning. 

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