Fear of Driving

by - Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Driving. I don't know how I feel about about it. I used to feel scared of driving, despite dreaming of getting a car and travelling. The fear was in me because I was scared I would harm someone, or that I would cause an argument with another driver because of my stupidity. But over the past couple of my driving lessons, I've come to enjoy it more. I'm loving the idea of driving in speed, having control over something, and just feeling free.

There are times when fear consumes you, and you don't feel like doing that activity or thing anymore. I've had my fair share amount of crap driving lessons, and at the end of the day it was up to me, to get my sh*t together. I'm not a confident person, so when I start to get confident in something, it takes a while. The same with driving. A week or two before I had a bad lesson, and it really let me down because I was thinking how I've been over 20+ lessons yet I'm no where near half the topics I have to cover. Or that driving a manual car was the worst mistake because I'm so bad it.

For a good couple of hours, I was pissed and upset with myself. But then I told myself to keep going, I've got to finish what I started. Ever since then, I've been doing well, and Alhumdulillah I'm able to see the improvement. Not just that but as the confidence in driving has grown, the more I enjoy it. Now I've just got 3/4 topics to cover, and I have to keep my progress up.

It's normal to fear something or someone. But the way to get rid of that, is to believe in yourself. It doesn't come all of a sudden, and sometimes it takes time. But you should never give up.

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