Totally Loved and Reviewed | Dilwale

by - Friday, February 19, 2016

Two months late right? Yeah I know. Not just that but it's been a good couple of moments since I've done movie review. So I'm back with a review on this movie, now as you guys figured from the title. I loved the movie. 

The plot of the movie was great, when I watched the trailer I was left quite surprised, making me want more and find out what happened and that curiosity was certainly fulfilled when I watched the film because I was like, NO WAYS! What I really enjoyed about this movie was that, it wasn't so dark. It was hilarious, lovely yet there was the dark gangster and action side to the story too. 

But despite saying that I loved the film, I could say it's cliche, because once the big mystery is over (which you find out if you watch the movie) is revealed then you kind of figure out what happens next, especially if you have watched way too many Bollywood films. So to an extent I would have liked to see something different and unique in the movie. 

The music that were in the movie, were beautiful, and catchy. Gerua, Daayre, Manma Emotion Jaage, Thukur Thukur, and Janam Janam, are all great songs by amazing artists. You could be listening and dancing to an upbeat track like Thukur Thukur and Manma Emotion Jaage, or listen to a melodious music like Gerua, or even feel upset and touched whilst listening to Daayre. 

Oh! One thing I also enjoyed seeing were the cars. Dayum! They were all such beasts and gorgeous looking. I don't know much about cars, but the cars that were in the movie just would make any person love it. 

Overall the movie could have a few changes to it, like I would have loved to see the younger siblings find out about their older brother/sister's past and how they would react etc. That would be interesting, because even at the end of the movie they don't find out the truth. Otherwise the movie was pretty awesome, and I loved the humour and action. 

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