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by - Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hi guys! I love these "What's On My ..." tags, they are just so much fun to watch, and see what people have on their smartphone. So I decided to do a post on What's On My S5. My main phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3, but a month and a half before my other half gave me his S5, since he become a billionaire and bought an S6. Okay, he's not really a billionaire, but he definitely did get an S6 (perks of having someone so amazing in my life).


This is my home screen. As you guys can see my icons and wallpaper are customised. I don't like the original icons that come with the phone, customising my phone just makes it feel like it's my phone as I have put my touch to it. The got the icons and wallpaper from the app called 'Line Deco'. I have also done a previous post on how I customise my phone, which is right here.

The google search bar is just there because I sometimes use the search bar, meaning rarely, but I still keep it there simply because it looks nice. The time and date widget is there obviously to keep me aware of what time and date it is.

Now the apps, starting from the left. I have the Camera, Gallery, Whatsapp and Instagram, all on the top row because those apps are the most used ones. Wattpad, Kik, Skype and Play Store come below, because I love reading, so Wattpad is needed on the front home screen. Thnking about it now Kik can actually be replaced to the second page, and Twitter can replace it because ever since my blog, Twitter is another favorite and most visited app. I use Skype to contact family members and my lovely partner. And Play Store is there because how else am I going to update and download my apps, so it's only convenient for me to keep it there.

The bottom for main icons are; Phone, Textra, Music and Chrome. As you guys can seem instead of Messages, I use Textra, and the reason for that is because I'm able to customise the colours, font and emoticons. Also there are some great features like pop up messages allowing to reply much easier.

On the second page, first row, I have Facebook, Google+, GMail, and Pinterest. Facebook is there because I use it for my blog, and to stay up to date with #TheGirlGang facebook group. Google+ because my blog is related to my Google account. Gmail to stay in contact and up to date with my 3 email accounts. And Pinterest because you all know how much I love getting ideas and pinning.

I then have Blogger, Twitter, Inshot and Vsco Cam. I used to use the blogger app to create posts, however now I find it convenient to type it on the PC, or on Chrome on my mobile. Twitter, because I love to tweeting and talking to other fellow bloggers, spread my blog posts and have amazing blog chats! Inshot is a great app. I love this app soo much. This app is perfect for getting white borders, putting text or emojis on photographs, or editing videos. I use it for both my personal and public instagram accounts. Vsco Cam is my ultimate and all time favorite app. I can take a break from it but I can never to editing photographs on the app, it's simply beautiful.

Lastly the third row contains Picsart, for editing. YouCam Perfect, for beauty selfies. Snappers for editing landscapes and YouTube for literally watching videos. 


I used to keep my apps normal, so there were no grouping. However of the past couple of months, I've loved the idea of keeping things organised, so the picture above shows I've currently been keeping them in groups.

First folder is Google. Basically anything related to Google is in the folder, and the only apps I use from that folder are Docs for college work, Drive for backing up my files from my phone, GMail, Google+ and Maps to navigate around if needed.


The next folder is Necessary. This folder contains apps I need on a daily basis. Without these apps, a phone isn't really a phone.

Personalisation is following folder, which contains apps for the obvious reason. Personalising my phone. iFont is a pp which I use to download fonts, I've used many apps for getting fonts, and iFont's has been one of the best ones so far. Line Deco, as mentioned before is the app I use to personalise my icons and wallpapers. Lastly TouchPal, is an app I use to give a my keyboard a lovely touch to it, either by changing the colour of the keyboard or texts or just getting patterns on it.  


The photography folder is my favorite one. These are the apps I use most of the times. VSCO and YouCam Perfect are always used. Afterlight is used quite often because it's a much more specific editing app in comparison to VSCO, when using brightness, contrast, shadow etc. Photo Grid is used for my blog post banners which is not always. PicsArt is for creating blurs or soft editing texture on photographs, or if I want to experiment and manipulate with photographs (which is rare).

Folder number is random, which isn't for me, but for the lovely other half. Timetable is used sometimes in the beginning of college term, but eventually I just remember it all that I don't need it.


Samsung folder is filled with apps that are related to Samsung. The only apps I use from that folder is Memo, My Files, Play Store, S Health, S Planner, Smart Switch, and Setting. Smart Switch is an amazing app for transferring data from one phone into another. So for me, my S3 contained all music, messages, contacts, images etc, and having Smart Switch was a life save because with a couple of taps I was able to transfer everything on to the S5. The other apps I mentioned are used for the purpose of the app itself. 

The shopping folder is quite essential especially if you are a person who is always checking bank accounts, or using loyalty cards with various stores. I use Banking, Gelato Village, SubCard and UniDays. Banking to check my Barclay's details, Gelato Village for collecting my loyalty points from every visit, SubCard for collecting points as well, and UniDays to get discounts for online shopping.


This folder is the folder that pretty much everyone has on their phone. There's honestly not much reason as to why I have certain apps. BlogLovin', Facebook, Pages Manager, Pinterest, Blogger, and Twitter is used for my blog. Instagram is used for both person and my blog. Kik is an app I once used, I don't use it much anymore, but I still keep it. Skype as mentioned before is used to video call family. I don't have a Snapchat account, other than the one I share with my other half, but even then for the only purpose of watching other people's Snap. Wattpad is publishing my books, and also for reading books. It's the best online book app. Whatsapp is the best communication app, and lastly the YouTube app is used for watching YouTubers. 


The second last app is apps that are useful. AntiVirus is used to clean my phone, and make sure it's free from any viruses. AppLock is to lock apps from anyone entering it without a passcode. Flipboard is for me to check with any worldly news. InstaSaver allows me to save photographs or videos from Instagram rather than screenshotting all the time, and OneDrive is for backing up photographs and videos. 

Finally the last folder has apps for watching. BBC iPlayer can't be used without BBC Media Player, so they are both used to watch any drama's or documentaries that I sometimes find interesting. And Show Box is the best video app. Shows, and movies everything is on there. I use the app everyday to either watch latest movies and to watch latest episode of my long list of shows. 

That was a long post, but I hope you guys enjoyed reading it. Do let me know if this post has helped anyone, or if you have anything in common!

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