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by - Thursday, February 04, 2016

Hey guys! What a great way to start February off, especially with my beloved other half. It was definitely an adventure. Here's a post on our latest rendezvous. In the beginning, we had to attend college for some small activity on our plans to university, which was quite unnecessary, but oh well. It was needed.

After that the real adventure started. So we were off to a bus stop which was half an hour away from my college. We got there safely with a bit of route mistakes, otherwise it was no problem. Then the bus took us all the way to the Shopping Centre which was a 30 minutes journey. During then selfies, and conversations between my partner and I were made because we are like that.

Once we got to the Shopping Centre, we thought, all will be good. we just got to walk about 20 minutes till Hollywood Bowl. Yes that's right we decided to go bowling because I've never been or done bowling. Quite sad. But thankfully that was going to be off my bucket list.

For a good 10 minutes, everything was fine. We came across a little bridge with water running below. So obviously my love and I started to take some snaps of one another. Then we carried on walking, towards a field because Google Maps told us to. So we did. Now in the beginning it was beautiful, we took some great scenery photographs because the sun was out and shining.


After taking some snaps, we carried on walking. Biggest mistake ever to go to the field. There was mud everywhere, like literally wet and soggy mud. So disgusting and horrible, and the thing was that I had flats on, thinking its all going to go well.

During that torture of walking through mud, the bad side of me got out and I started getting annoyed. Now I'm so thankful and blessed to have a loving and understanding partner that he put up with it all. Honestly, one advice from me, if you are ever going to a crazy adventure go with someone who knows you and understands you well enough to not get mad with your attitude or anything at all. Go with someone who loves your good and bad side, and I mean it.


Once that was over, we were just 5/10 minutes away from the place. Phew. All that was over. When we got to the place, it was all fun and laughter. We forgot about the torture we were put through, and played a game of bowling ( I WON, despite it being my first time), a game of air hockey(My love won) and two games of pool (We played it properly at first then started messing about). It was soo good just being away from all the college stress, everyday home life, and spend long amount of hours with my other half.


After the games, we headed back out. But before leaving we made sure we took a proper way without getting into any problems, and all thanks to Allah, the route my partner found, was the safest and quickest route. And what annoyed us was when we got to the area we planned to go to a restaurant from, was honestly just a 20 minutes walk, and from that place to the university was just a 30 minutes walk too. Now if only we knew this in the beginning we would have gladly walked all that, without any problem. But no, Google Maps had to be a right b*tch and cause trouble for us.

The lunch was at a Turkish restaurant called Istanbul Restaurant. My other half ordered Chicken Shish and Chicken Donner with Chips and Salad, whereas I ordered Chicken Shish and Chicken Kofte with Rice and Salad. The food was delicious, after all that walk, it was a well deserved lunch, and totally worth the price.


From there onwards, we popped by Gelato Village, since it had been a while, and got a regular sized cup, of Pistachio, Milk Chocolate and Blood Orange Sorbetto. Which like always was delicious, making it a great end to our blessed and lovely day.

Honestly there are trips like this, that make me realise I wouldn't be able to go through all that with anyone other than my love. He still cared, no matter what. Made me laugh all the time, and made sure to keep a smile on my face. If there's anything new I want to try, go to new food places etc, then it's always with him, because I know how much fun it is to be with him. Even if it's just a stroll around, as long as we are with one another, we feel content.

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