A Message of Appreciation | Hitting the 100

by - Thursday, February 25, 2016

Oh my! I can't believe I've hit my 100th blog post. Just couple of days ago I was tracking my posts, then all of a sudden yesterday I cluelessly posted a post only to realise that I hit my 100th post. So I took it down. And now I'm here with this post. 

Firstly I am thankful, very thankful to my beloved partner. Without his support I wouldn't have come this far or even started a blog in the first place. He has encouraged me quite a lot in this process, and always been proud of what I'm doing. I'm thankful because I know how annoying I can be with taking way too many shots of food and places, or talking about my blog ideas etc a lot. Not just that but there are times he himself tells me that 'oh this would be a good idea to post on your blog' etc. So for his effort, support as love, I'm very thankful. 

And to all my constant lovelies, or even those who just come once in a while, or just stumble upon this blog of mine. Thank you. I appreciate the comments, tweets, messages, follows and more that you guys do to show your support and love. Without you lovelies, I wouldn't have continued to post on my blog, and I wouldn't have a blog that I would be proud of calling mines. Not just that but I wouldn't have been able to talk to such lovely people out there in the blogger world, shoutout to #TheGirlGang. 

Starting, Amour Vita, was something special, and having come this far makes me so happy. Amour Vita is about loving life, and I try to show that through my photographs, travelling, baking and more. Doing things that make you love life, is a must. Don't ever stop doing things that make you happy, because you are the one living your own life, take control and do whatever you feel. Just make sure you love and enjoy ever moment of it.

There are some days that come across, and you either feel let down, upset, or just given up on something. But there's always a reason to it, learn from it, and do better the next time again. Take a break from everyday hassle, and treat yourself do a day out or night out with friends and families. Keep yourself happy. You've got to be selfish sometimes, and think about yourself, otherwise you will be too involved in others, that you will forget about yourself. Take life as it goes, and enjoy the roller coaster, because having a normal and constant life can get tad bit boring. 

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