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by - Thursday, March 31, 2016

The current stress within any teenagers and young adults life right now is revisions. Exams are nearing close, and it's time that pens are put onto papers and get writing. Easter holidays means one thing over than holidays, and that is revision. It's the time when people have two weeks off and are hauled up in bedrooms or libraries making notes.

So I have decided to share my 'Top 7 Revision Tips', for those who are going through the process now, or to just gives heads up that those taking exams in the future. 

1. Don't start revision late: Exams starts to hit on people when it's a month away or a couple of weeks away, and to be honest that is not the right time to start revising. It just leads to extra stress, which is not beneficial. So start as early as you can. Even if that means at the beginning of the year.

2. Stay hydrated: Always keep a bug bottle of water with you when you are revising, because making notes or learning things whilst being all drowsy is no use, as nothing will be going through that brain of yours. 

3. Keep bright colours around you: Whilst studying, it's easy to lose focus or get tired and bored. By placing bright colours or being in a bright atmosphere, you are likely to be more awake and focused. 

4. Take breaks consistently: Making yourself revise in the first place is a struggle, and by not taking any breaks, you are making yourself lose concentration, leading you to stop revising early. Instead take break after every unit or an hour, and move about, grab something to eat or relax.

5. Technologies need to be away: This is an important tip, because we get so indulged into them, because of social media, that we get distracted and move our revision to the side. You can always go back on then later on, but revisions can't be put to the side all the time, as it won't help you in the long term.

6. Don't worry: Revision can consume us a lot, that we worry too much. Just remember it's not the end of the world. Revise, but don't revise so much that your health or mood becomes mad. Be content that you are at least revising.

7. Say no to procrastination: This word is something every learner is aware of because it's what everyone does some point during the revision, for example like I am, whilst I'm meant to start revising, I am typing up this post. That's why this is my last point, and now I'm going to revise.

I hope these tips help all the learners out there. Stay motivated, because if you put your mind to it, you can do it. Good luck to you all.

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