Monthly Roundup | February

by - Friday, March 04, 2016

Hiya lovelies! This is February's Monthly Roundup. Hope you enjoy <3

1. I started February off, in a lovely and amazing way by getting one of my 'bucket list' activities ticked off. Bowling. I went bowling with my other half, which turned out to be a fun and exciting experience. For more details, you can find out about my journey right here.

2. This month was full of baking and cooking. I made the effort to do more of that because I find it quite enjoyable. Plus baking and cooking, without my mother hovering over me is perfect, because I am so capable of cooking now. I have also linked my Enchiladas recipe, so don't forget to take a peek.

3. On February, I visited Gloucester, a place filled with relatives from my mother's side. The reason for the visit was upsetting because my great grandmother (technically) was passing away, and in fact passed away on the day of my return to my city. However meeting the relatives, and being in one place was nice.

4, 5 & 6. These photographs are all linked. With University applications going around, exams coming close, college life has been starting to get stressful. So attending a Open Day for DMU, was needed. A month without me visiting a fancy place to eat, is next to impossible, which was the reason why I visited Tinseltown with my other half. And not just that February was the month that I recieved my first Pandora Bracelet gifted by my beloved. Here's a link to the day trip in detail.

7. As mentioned before I did more baking and cooking. One of the items I baked was a Red Velvet Cake, which thankfully turned out great, the downside was that I hated the cream cheese that I made. The recipe for that sucked.

8. What is February, or any month without gelato's from Gelato Village? NOTHING. This time I remembered to try out the Frappe from Gelato Village which was ummmm.. Yummy.

9. Lastly, a perfect way to end the month of February, was a gift from Pandora's by my perfect partner. A heart shaped ring, Beautiful, sweet, and perfect. Another point from my bucket list ticked off, 'getting a jewellery from Pandora'

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  1. I absolutely love and adore you for how sweet you are. You have a heart of gold.
    Thank you so much for the kind words.
    I am absolutely loving your blog, it looks amazing and SO chic !! x