The Answer Is Chaiiwala

by - Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hi lovelies! How have you all been? Busy revising for exams? Getting ready for Ramadhan? Or enjoying the typical British weather, and the momentarily hot weather. I hope you are all doing well, and I wish you all good luck for exams, enjoy the warm weather yet don't let rainy and gloomy weather affect your hard work and happiness. Keep on going. 

What is my blog without a good review. Chaiiwala has appeared before on my blog, when I first visited the lovely shop. And since last Friday, there has been a second store opened a couple of minutes away from my area. Ever since the news I was so happy because as you guys know from my first review, I love their karak chai. 

Ever since this Monday I've visited Chaiiwala every morning for a cup of karak chai. It's the best way to start the day, and I've got to be guilty about this but I've forgotten about coffee. Honestly karak chai has replaced it. 


Yesterday, I thought of treating myself and my partner to a lunch in the store near my college (I'm freaking lucky to have access to both the stores). Unfortunately I hadn't tried anything else from thebmenu besides the karak chai (obviously) and butter chicken roti. This time, I wanted to try out Masala Chips, Bombay Sandwich and Rose Falooda. 


The bombay sandwich is a potato grilled sandwich with coriander, mint chutney and special sandwich masala. This snack was delicious. It's filling and has that yummy Indian taste to it because of the way the potato mixes made. The masala was not too spicy yet gave the hint of a different flavour to the sandwich when dipped into. 


I was honestly stuck between chilli paneer and masala chips. I personally love paneer a lot, but I did hear good things about the masala chips, so I decided for that. That too was yummy. My mum make masala chips in a similar way, so I had no problem with it because it just reminded of home. 

This definitely made me full because I was the only one having it, whilst my partner had the bombay sandwich, and for the price of £2.00 it definitely was worth it. The chips was well cooked, and the amount of sauce used to marinate the chips was perfect because each piece was filled with the masala sauce. 


No matter what you order, you got to place an order for karak chai along with it all. It just makes the experience so much more better because it's soo good. I don't think I will stop loving this drink, because I'm quite addicted to it. Having it in the morning wasn't enough, so I had to buy it again. Until you have drank it, you won't know what you at missing. 

Though sometimes you got to opt for something cold, something with the name 'Falooda'. There was a choice between Mango, Coconut and Rose. The original Falooda is the rose flavoured, and since my other half wanted that, I got that. And boy, was that freaking beautiful! Falooda's can either go too sweet or too plain if you don't add the right amount to the mixture. This, however was pretty much perfect. The fact that ice cubes, cream, ice cream, jelly and pistachio was added, created a lovely taste to the cold drink. Originality tends to always be the best. 


One of the reasons why I love going to Chaiiwala is how they manage to create such delicious food, and not price it too much. The atmosphere is lovely, and the fact that yet again the food was great just shows how their presentation and service hasn't gone down despite it being open for quite a long time now. 

I shall continue going to my local chaiiwala in the mornings, and if there's anyone who hasn't popped by, then don't hesitate and check their menu out there will be something for you all. You looking for something filling, packed with flavours, or got a sweet tooth, then the answer is Chaiiwala. 

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