Raffaela and Strawberry Lindt | AKs Macarons

by - Friday, May 27, 2016

Hey lovelies, two days ago, I was contacted by this lovely lady called Aisha. She's located in Leicester, near LE5. She recently started this little home business of making macarons. Aisha wanted me to try out her macarons, and since I love them, why not!


The ones that she made and gave me were the, Raffaelo Cream and Strawberry Lindt macarons. Masha'Allah she's such a lovely lady. When I got my macarons, I was excited to try them out, because as you guys can see from the packaging they look delicious. Looking back at the conversation I had with her, she did mention which ones she were making however when I went to collect the tray I completely forgot, so in a way it was a surprise.


It was delicious. The macaron shells weren't overcooked so they weren't hard. And instead it was lovely and soft, so it gave that chewy texture. The fillings Masha'Allah was so yummy. The amount of Raffaelo cream and strawberry Lindt used in each ones was perfect. My personal favorite has got to be the Raffaelo one simply because I love the taste of coconut. 


Anyone based in Leicester, please show your support and definitely give her macarons a try. And I do pray that this macaron business of Aisha's reach higher, because Masha'Allah what she produces is beautiful and delicious. Don't forget to check out her Instagram!

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