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by - Thursday, May 05, 2016

My Pinterest Account
Pinterest. Pinterest. Pinterest! I love this social platform. There's a reason to why we love specific social media, but the common ground is being social. Although it's the same for Pinterest, I feel that it's a source of inspiration, advice's, a mini storage cupboard of our hopes and wishes. And if you use it the right way, you may just get be as active on there as you are on all your other social media accounts. 

1. Tweet your link: Spread the link to your Pinterest account everywhere, especially Twitter. This is because, people are always advertising there profile, and that way you come across other accounts, and they come across yours. This way you get people adding you, vice versa. When you are taking part in twitter chats, then also share your pinterest link, this really worked for me, especially through #TheGirlGang.

2. Keep pinning: I mean that is the sole purpose of this social platform. To keep pinning and liking things. The more you do that, the more people see how active you are and eventually become interested in what you like and pin. 

3. Create boards: This is for organisation for yourself as well as the viewers. For example, Fashion can be split into Spring, Autumn, Summer and Winter Fashion. This would just make it easier for viewers, to follow and find things conveniently.

4. Matching Board Covers: Having your board covers have similar theme to it makes your profile so much more appealing. This way people are more attracted to it, leading them to either follow you or pin items. 

5. Pinterest Widget: Keep a Pinterest widget on your blog or website, that way you gain viewers through them. Also new viewers can also straight be taken to your Pinterest if they click on it. 


That's all lovelies. The main thing you got to keep doing it honestly just pin. That itself shows how active you are. I'm so glad to have created a Pinterest account, I love the help, advices and inspirations I find. It is a great social platform for fashion, make up, blog, anything to be frank. 

Leave your Pinterest link below, and to find my account you can click on the link at the end, top right, or on the side where my Pinterest widget is located. 

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