What Is It About Spring, That I Love?

by - Monday, May 16, 2016

Photograph taken by HSheikhPhotography
This year,  Spring is actually occurring in Britain. It's very hard for UK to get a decent amount of sunny days because the sun simply chooses not to come out for us. Thankfully this year, although despite the odd couple of wet and rainy days, the sun has been out quite a lot of times, which honestly brings happiness. Here's why:

1. Pastel colours: This is bless because anything pastel related from nail polish to lipsticks, or jeans to jackets, they are absolutely gorgeous. They are amazing for this weather, because it's super chic.

2. Frappucino: Say bye to hot coffee, and hello to caramel frappe from McDonald's/Starbucks or anywhere else!
They bring life to such a hot weather.

3.  Gelato Village: I go there no matter what season it is, but Spring and Summer just makes me want to go there more because of how refreshing and delicious their gelato's are. Plus gelato's over ice cream any day.

4. Blossoming trees: Autumn trees are gorgeous, but nothing beats those trees blossoming into such beautiful flowers. Just look at those red flowers above, don't they just look so pretty.

5. More Daylight: Winter was hard to survive with those early night time, which meant being exposed to the natural lighting was difficult. Now that daytime is longer, it gives us a much higher advantage to be out in the sun taking those outfit blog photos.

6. White: Bring all them white jackets, hijab, jeans, or shoes out. We no longer have to worry about them getting dirtied because of the constant rain that occurred during the winter,

7. Holidays: You know the summer holiday is approaching when spring is here, and what that means is that people are booking for holidays with family and friends either half way across the world, or just within the country. Since you can never be sure with the sunny weather lasting in Britain.

8. Spring/Summer fashion and make up collection: Tank tops, ripped jeans, thin waterfall jackets, kimonos, long dress, pastel and bright lipsticks, shimmery eye-shadows, long lasting foundations and more. All these new items releasing for this season, for us to go out there and buy whatever we can.

9. You can still wear black: It doesn't matter if it's spring, you can still wear black. It will never change. Unless you find a colour darker than black.. Not possible.

What is it about Spring that you enjoy? Let me know in the comments down below, would love to have a chat with you!

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