Taking A Trip Down Memory Lane | Prom

by - Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Wait. You lovelies expected I would post pictures about my prom, unfortunately that's not what this post is about and instead it's going to be about some tips that I'm going to share with you all from my experience as the prom season is approaching.


For my prom, I wore a red long kaftan dress, black heels, black purse, silver jewellery, and black hijab. So my first tip would be, look for dresses that is plain yet elegant. A dress which you can style up and glamorous it more. If you have a patterned dress then the dress will only be the centre of attention. So getting the balance is right. 


I found these three dresses from Boohoo. The first black dress is a May Scuba Cutaway Neckline Midi Dress (£20). What I love about this dress is that it fully covers your body, as well as show your figure in an elegant way. The flare at the bottom is beautiful because for a person like me, I'm not too comfortable with showing every inch of my figure. With this dress you can add whatever colour you want. Either silver jewellery's and heels, red, gold, anything because come on its black, various colours look perfect with it. 

The next dress which I am already in love with by a first look is Boutique Ivy Shimmer Fabric Keyhole Maxi Dress (£22), oh my gosh this is gorgeous! I would either pair this with a black stilettos, or it would even look great with nude coloured heels and jewellery. If you wear a scarf then you can match the scarf with the choice of colour you go for the jewellery, but if you don't wear a scarf then this outfit would look amazing stunning with a crown braid. This by far is my favorite one from them all.

Lastly, the dress is called Boutique Crina Embellished Top Chiffon Maxi Dress (£35). What I love about this dress is that the top half of the dress does grabs the attention, and because of that you won;t even need a necklace to glamour that area. The fact that the bottom half is flowy is gorgeous because it adds that 'princessy' effect which I'm sure a girl wants to feel on prom.

All these three dresses can be styled to your own preference. Also it can be worn for other occasions too, so once you wear it at prom, that is not the end. Hope you lovelies like what I chose, let me know what your favorite outfit is or how you would style it.

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