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Birthday Oreo from Baker St Cakes. Photography: HSheikhPhotography
I can't believe it. This time last year I created this blog. This blog is about sharing what I love, and what makes me happy. Small things that make me love life. The start of Amour Vita. There were times where I felt scared because I felt like I was doing crap. Times that made me double think of my decision in starting this blog, because I didn't think it would help anyone, or that no-one would enjoy reading my blog, besides my partner.

But despite those downs, there have been so many great moments and memories that this blog has blessed me with. It's given me an opportunity to be more open and confident. Through my blogging I got to meet such lovely, talented and sweet people. I started this for myself and for others out there to appreciate what they have more. To love their life through small or big things, whether that's reading, fashion, beauty, binge watching, working, baking, literally anything.

Because of my love for blogging. I have become an official food blogger for #ThisIsLeicester. It may feel like what is the point, you aren't getting paid or something. But to me I feel, it's a slow progress to hopefully something bigger. I feel happy that I am recognised for my work, and able to create food posts for an Instagram page.

I would never have imagined getting a total of 18,000+ page views. I feel very happy and content seeing the number increase on my blog, Instagram, bloglovin and twitter page. They are all connected and every time someone comes across any of them. I feel a sense of pride in what I do.

Sometimes I feel nervous sharing the fact that I blog, and that is something I want to change. I want to not be able to care whether someone is looking at my computer over my shoulder when I'm in the library. I want to be able to be okay and happy with it because blogging to me is actually amazing, and if I treat it that way then I won't be ashamed of showing this amazing blog of mines.

I just want to say thank you to everyone for all their support especially my lovely partner. You all help me in developing my blog further on as well as show your love through viewing the different posts, and leaving comments whenever you can. All you lovelies inspire me all the time, and it's been a journey, but definitely worth it. I hope to bring more content, and do more different things, because I myself love to try new things out. Thank you!

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