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by - Saturday, February 04, 2017

Hey lovelies! I thought I would share a little experience about a change I made 2 weeks ago. Since December 2016 (jheez we are already into the 2nd month of 2017), I had been thinking about just changing the way my hair was. The only thing I ever do to my hair is cuts, and the last cut I had was 2 years ago. So with the partner's suggestion, I looked into hair colour and the various ways you can get them done. Hence why I opted for the Balayage style, since although I did want a change, I didn't want a drastic change, and instead approached for a smooth transition hehe.

Then the next step was colour, thankfully once again the partner helped with narrowing my search, and I went for a burgundy kind of colour, since that colour wasn't too harsh for a change. Some people go daring on their first time, but I was nervous about it all so changing to a colour that I thought would be alright for me was a better choice.

Lastly the crucial part to the decision making was which salon!? Which salon will give me the result I want? Which salon was reasonably priced? Which salon receives great reviews? And the answer for me was City Looks.

I booked my consultation on 7th Jan, and Shifa just checked the hair out, asked a few questions about what kind of a style I was looking for, and ended up doing a skin test. It literally took about 10 minutes, and just before leaving I booked 14th Jan to get my hair done. Excitement kicked in on the day before the appointment and I couldn't wait to get my hair done! Saturday arrived. I was welcomed by Shifa went I got to the salon, and she straight got on to it (no wait! I know!). When I saw Shifa mixing the colours, I was a bit worried because the red was hella bright, so I just double checked with her, and asked if it would turn burgundy on the hair, and she assured me that the result wouldn't be as bright as the paste looked.

Once Shifa was done with applying the colour, I had to wait for about 40 minutes (I think, and during that time, I was asked whether I wanted tea or coffee, which I honestly find super lovely. The team were honestly so amazing, and the atmosphere just felt comfortable and nice! When the time was up, I got my hair washed, then came my favorite part to the experience, the styling! I don't style my hair at all, since I wear a hijab everyday, and when I am at home, well I don't see no point, so my hair is either left open, or closed in a ponytail/bun, so when Shifa styled my hair is curls, I felt pretty! The colour showed up, and honestly I couldn't be more happier. It was not so bright at all, but I could tell that I got my hair done. I seriously loved the result of it. I won't be posting the photographs here on public, however if you are curious then pop a message on Instagram or any social media accounts, and I may just get back to you with a photograph (depending on who you are hehe).

Overall I know for sure that if in the future I want to get anything done to my hair then I will be getting it done at City Looks. Not just that but they also do beauty and from the photographs they post on their Facebook and Instagram, it definitely looks good <3 I am so glad I had such a great first time experience. Thanks to Shifa and the team for the great customer service, and work!

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