by - Sunday, February 12, 2017

Hey, amours! This may just be one of the many spontaneous reaction posts I will be doing on KPop comebacks. 


1. Spring Day
2. Not Today 
3. Outro: Wings
4. A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone


The teasers left me with so much hope, and damn this comeback definitely reached it, to be honest, it did even better! Personal favourites from this album are Spring Day and Not Today, I really can't choose between them both. Both the beats for those tracks are so catchy, and guys! The lyrics for them, it's 아름다운 (beautiful). The melody, chorus, bridge, everything is on point. Currently, only Spring Day MV is out, and that itself was gorgeous. Honestly, it is just so pleasing looking at the MV because everything formed so well, from the outfits, colours, scenery, etc. It all was 대단하다 (amazing)! I can't stop listening to them both <3 But I have one thing I have to say is that, I really cannot wait till BTS themselves tell us the whole theory/concept being Wings/You Never Walk Alone, because all these theories that the ARMY's have come up with are interesting and cool to read, but when you read so much of them, it just confuses you 1000x more. But yeah guys, this was just a quick post about my love for the comeback! Totally check out the latest tracks, and look out for Not Today's MV when it comes out in 7 days! 화이팅

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