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by - Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Hey, amours! I'm such a dessert person, and I'm always on a look out for them. I question myself and my partner about when our last time was to have waffles/cookie dough things like that, and to be honest it's been a while. The main reason being, we spend most of our times at Baker St Cakes, and because there really aren't many amazing dessert places in Leicester when you think about it. Due to the lack of desserts, it was about time we visited Johnny Custard. 


We drove past the place many times, and me being me, kept telling the other half that we had to visit this place because I so wanted to see what it's about, and obviously whether it was good or not hehe. And we did. A couple of weeks ago, we arrived at the place around 12, and as you guys can see from the pictures, besides the workers, we were the only ones there, and I don't take that negative because it allows me to take pictures without having people in the way haha. 


About the set up of the place, I got to say I loved it. I mean having relatable quotes on the walls just makes it super good. The pictures speak for itself; the lights, colour themes, walls, all were pleasing to look at!


(More pictures)



On to the menu, which by the way I love the look of. So minimalist. After searching through each section, we ordered White Chocolate and Raspberry Cookie Dough, Ferrero Rocher Waffles, San Francisco Milkshake and Virgin Mojito.


I've never had a Virgin Mojito, so honestly, I don't have anything to compare with, but I did enjoy it. For a cold drink, the taste was there, and it wasn't too watery or icy. The mint and lime taste were distinctive, so it did come out well, and the ices did allow the drink to stay cold for quite a well which was lovely!



The other half ordered the San Fransico Milkshake. He said that overall he enjoyed the milkshake, it did get a bit too fruity for him half way through, but he did like it. The consistency and flavour were lovely, plus it was just like how a milkshake should be like.



(This spread just makes me want to go back. Kind of hard getting through this post without feeling hungry)


Ever since I had White Chocolate and Raspberry Cookie Dough from Fernandez Grillhouse, I've been wanting to have it again, because I'm slightly obsessed with them. So when I saw it on the menu, I had to order it, and just taste that goodness again (hopefully). 


And it was amazing! Personally, I loved it. The Cookie Dough was baked to perfection. Honestly taking the spoonful of Vanilla Ice Cream, with the Cookie Dough was just so delicious. The raspberry flavour came out well through the cookie dough, and the white chocolate was not too overwhelming. They pretty much got the balance right! <3


(So in love with the platings, boards, design, jars, everything. Can I have my own personalised ones too? hehe)


Now onto the last item. Ferrero Rocher Waffles. One thing I will definitely say is that it is filling, which I guess is good, but if you want a bit of everything, then you might want to go when you have a large appetite hehe. The waffles were just amazing, it was baked well, and they were so generous with the amount of Nutella they put! Thanks guys! Honestly, I can never have enough of Nutella, so I am glad they gave a lot, and them Ferrero Rocher's will forever be yummy to have! 


Just talking about this waffle, makes me want to go back for it again, because I repeat, I love my desserts. Overall the visit was great, personally, we had a lovely experience. I definitely do want to go back to try the other desserts and drinks on the menu, especially something custard related, because well it's called Johnny Custard for a reason.


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