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by - Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hey amours! I love long dresses and long cardigans, there's just something about that combination that makes it look modest yet sophisticated. I've previously done one similar to this, in fact with the same black dress, so I guess you can say this is an alternative to that style. 

Black remains my favorite colour, and although I do enjoy being in all black, I sometimes like to bring in extra colours. The black dress, if I've mentioned before, is quite thin, so in a weather like the day I took wore this outfit was perfect because it was a lovely and sunny day. I paired it with a black leggings, and flats, so overall it's a black outfit. 

Here comes the colours, I wished I had more long cardigans because the main outfit can be styled with any sort of colour, that's how convenient it is. I styled it with white, since I didn't have to worry about any rain etc. The pockets that are attached to the long cardigan is a part I love because then I can always keep my headphones and phone in there. As I'm always taking my phone out to take pictures so I love anything with pockets.  

Lastly the hijab. I love this colour, I think it's super girly and it's a nice touch to an outfit like this. This outfit can be worn for a normal day out, or a night out with just a few changes like neck jewellery or heels.  Hope you lovelies liked this post, I do try to do fashion posts whenever I can because I know how it seems to be one of the popular ones.  

Thanks to my love for the amazing photographs, he's always capturing the best moments. And I will also have a post on the place where these photographs were taken because it's such a beautiful place.

Outfit Items: 
- Long Straight Black Dress: Gift 
- White Cardigan: France Market 
 - Black Flats: Primark 
- Black Bag: Primark 
- Hijab: eBay 

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