Regrets | Chicago Fire S4 Finale

by - Thursday, May 19, 2016

Chicago Fire's season 4 finale was not so bad, thank god, because I would the hate for it if they actually made Dawson die. Although the last couple of minutes were creepy as fuck. I was literally muttering to myself 'fuck my life'. Grant is mentally unstable, especially with all the drugs he's been in taking. Now we bloody have to wait 4 months to find out whether he killed himself, Stella or Severide. Since Severide is main, I don't he be killed. And if the makers are thinking it killing off Stella, nah bitch! You guys kill off amazing characters, not another one. So let's hope, Grant kills himself off. We will all be happy.

Each season the same thing happens between Dawson and Casey, and it's pretty much getting boring now. They break up, and then they make up. I'm glad that Casey took the right decision in the end, but I hope that this decision of his isn't become the next issue in the next season. The relationship between them contains way too much drama. That room 301 b*tch definitely got stood up and I'm glad, knew the moment she entered the show that she will be a freaking fishy character, trying to cause a problem between Casey and Dawson. Though one thing that irritates is that Dawson pushed Casey to do all this politics work, and when he does attend these functions she doesn't like it. Like darling please make your mind up.

The whole Jimmy and Chief situation is not something that I want to dwell into because a tension between them was bound to happen. However they are both right in their own way. Jimmy lost his brother so his anger and emotions are justified, on the other hand blaming Chief fully was unnecessary because his brother did follow the rules. If his brother thought it would be bad he would have stayed back, however he ended up dying as a hero.

Lastly Louie. He's such an adorable child. Literally the moment he became part of the show, he stole my heart. He's super cute, and the love and longing he was for Dawson is visible, despite him not talking much. I'm so happy that he got to be with Dawson and I hope he becomes a much regular character in season 5 because it would be so lovely seeing that little one more.

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