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by - Monday, April 04, 2016

Hey! A post related to Prison Break was going to come out sooner or later, and here it is. This show is literally life! It has got to be the ultimate show I will watch all over again each year, and I may just have to again.

Well as there are news going around about the new season, I have looked at a couple of websites being the TV fanatic, and got 11 information that you need to know before the season comes out.

And if you haven't watched Prison Break. GO WATCH IT NOW!

1. Wentworth and Dominic aka Michael and Lincoln are definitely coming back. 

2. There will be a Michael and seats reunion which means Sara Callie is also back in the show. 

3. Amaury (Sucre), Robert (T-Bag), Rodemond (C-Note) and Paul (Kellerman) have signed up for the show! This basically means the team is back on. 

4. There will be someone new..

5. That someone is Mark Feuerstein who will be a bad news for us Sara and Michael shippers *insert crying face*.

6. It has been reported that Mark will be playing a character called Scott Ness who is married to... Sara *heartbroken*.

7. A new romantic love interest ayt for Lincoln. 

8. Prison Break season 5 is expected to be only a 10 episode season. 

9. The season is expected to premiere in late 2016, or early 2016, once Wentworth and Dominic have wrapped up with the first season of Legends Of Tomorrow. But recently it has been reported that it could actually air easlir than expected, in September 2015 *fingers crossed*. I hope this is true. 

10. There will be a five year leap. 

11. The Silver Times reports that Michael and Sara's son will play an important role in regaining Michael's memory (yes, it seems like Michael will have amnesia), as well as bringing his biological parents together.

Intense right! I am so hyped for the new season. To my fellow Prison Break fans, I got you! Leave me comments down below on what you think, and whether you are pumped for the new season!

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