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by - Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Hi lovelies! You know when you have those times where you either read continuously or just don't read and instead do other things. Well I'm back in the phase of reading. 

There are a couple of books that I have planned to be read, and the time I was at the library I had completely forgotten on what books I was looking for, so instead I ended getting a few books by Nicholas Sparks. 

Have you heard, read or watched 'A Walk To Remember' 'The Last Song' 'The Longest Ride' 'Safe Haven' 'The Notebook' 'The Lucky One' and 'Dear John'. These have all been a success, and are such beautiful movies as well as stories.

From his collections, one of the books I haven't read is True Believer. So what is the book about?

Pursuing a scientific explanation for a disturbing and unexplained phenomenon, Jeremy's skeptical nature is thrown off course when he meets Lexie, the town librarian. As they work together, ghostly occurrences and passionate moment converge, forcing Jeremy to realise that there are some truths science cannot explain, as he finally appreciates that pleasures of exploring the heart. 

Currently the storyline of the book is going slow. Usually when I start reading something grips me to carry on reading, and for this book it's not the same. The thing that connect a bit that I don't believe these supernatural things too much, although I don't feel that science always has the answer. So in that way I want to know more and see what happens.

Not just that but what's in store for Lexie and Jeremy is leaving me curious. Sparks has a beautiful way of portraying love stories, and either it's painful, bittersweet or beautiful. Which is why I want to know the outcome of this story.

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  1. I've never heard of this Nicholas Sparks book but I am a fan of love stories, although I'm slightly put off by it going slowly - I too love a book that grips me!