Beauty | A Cream For All

by - Wednesday, April 27, 2016

With Spring arriving, and Summer coming up very soon. Dry skin is something that happens to many of us. For me, it happens everyday. This just means I need a convenient and great product to carry around whenever I am out. What better than Garnier Intense Care Cream.

This cream is so good, because it not just does it job, but it smells lovely. It leaves your hand feeling normal and soft, which is what needs to happen to a dry skin. I don't like when a product doesn't have a nice smell, and even if there is a smell then I hate it when it's so strong. So in this case, Garnier did a great job with this cream, because it has a light and nice smell to it.

It's small, and perfect to carry around anywhere. Even if I don't carry a bag, I can put it in a pocket and get it out whenever it's needed. Plus look at that colour, gorgeous right. So lovelies if you are looking for a good cream for this season, try this one out.

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