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by - Sunday, April 17, 2016

Hey lovelies! I know what you thinking. You missed my food reviews haven't you? This visit was soo good! Fernandez Grillhouse was first based in Loughborough now all thanks to them we have one now. I didn't know that we even had one opened recently until a friend of mines kept posting delicious food photographs from there.


What got me super happy about the visit was that my partner treated me, and secondly the offer. £6 for a main, side and drink. One thing I kind of notice sometimes is that other restaurants will have an offer but the drink would cost extra, so the fact that Fernandez Grillhouse puts that as part of the offer was excellent.


I ordered a hot chicken burger, with spicy rice and diet Pepsi, whereas my other half ordered a gazebo chicken burger with chips and tango. Both our burgers were delicious. The buns were nice and soft, the chicken was well cooked and what I liked was how they only put lettuce and mayonnaise which is perfect for people like me and my partner who don't like too much vegetables.

My spicy rice was yummy! Ever had the spicy rice from Nandos, it's just like that. Tasty and something that I so want right now! The chips were cooked just right, it's was nice and crispy and with the sauces even better. 


Now you lovelies know that Desserts are a must for my love and I. It was hard too choose between waffles or cookie dough, and guess what, they had them both in one, so why not buy that! It was literally filled with so much flavour, and I got to say originally I would have went with the choice of chocolate cookie dough but because they only had berry and and white chocolate cookie dough we get that, and I'm so thankful we did. That cookie dough was so nice and soft and it added such a lovely berry taste to the whole dessert. The waffle was made so well, ice cream was delicious, and I just couldn't get enough of it! 


The services provided from the store was great. One thing I loved was that there was a basin right on the same floor, so you didn't have to go all the way down to the toilet to wash your hands. Cool. 

The workers were welcoming, especially Katie. She kept asking whether we were enjoying the food, whether we needed any sauces, or even if we needed more. And it was lovely to be served by her. The food arrived about 10-15 minutes after we ordered which was fantastic, although there weren't many people there, but still super fast service for us! 


If you roundabout, Birmingham, Loughborough etc then do take a day out of your just schedule and find the nearest Fernandez Grillhouse. I hope you have the same experience as my partner and I did. 

All photographs rightfully belong to SimplyRabiaPhotography (Me), please do not steal and use as your own.

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