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by - Saturday, April 30, 2016

Hey lovelies. I'm part of a lovely group of bloggers who are interested in creating posts related to a subject. The subject for this first segment is Relationship. I've post a fair amount of relationship post either between couples, yourself or friends, a recent one being 'Has The Definition Of Relationship Changed?'. I thought of typing a post on parents/guardians.

Parents, guardians or someone elderly that looks after you and is there for you are so important in each individual's life. I mean they have either gone through pain to bring us to this world, or cared for us despite their age or raised us up despite not being their child. No matter what reason, they have done a lot for us. 

I keep a close relationship with both my parents. Before it was actually mostly with my dad, simply because I was a daddy's girl. And although I was quite close to my mum and got a long with her, it wasn't as close to my dad. However over the past couple of years me and my mum have become pretty close. So with both my parents I try and share a tight bond with. I love knowing that I can go to either of them and talk about what I feel, or share jokes with and have common interests with. 

I feel that every child that has a parent/guardian should share a similar bond. They should be able to be have that respect and love for one another. We are so lucky to have people looking after us and sometimes we actually don't appreciate it and do such acts like shout out our parents/guardian, be disrespectful towards them, not bothered to help them and more. 

I ain't no saint and I do admit to raising my voice back a couple of years ago. But I've learnt that there is no use like honestly there isn't. At the end of the day, our parent/guardians are right. Somehow they usually are right, even if we don't want to admit it.

Take a moment, and just think of what your parent/guardians have done for you. Think of what they go through because of out behavior, think of how they feel, think of what they want. They are humans too, they have feelings too. I want you lovelies to appreciate what you have. There are 3000+ children's who are fleeing from war zone, from parents. They wish so much to be with their mothers, and fathers or guardians but are unable to.

Friends will come and go, relationships may end sometimes, but your parents/guardians stay with you forever. They are there to pick up the pieces, give advice's, spoil you, make sure you are well and healthy. Always be happy and grateful for having them in your life. Go home or pick up out phone and call the person who looks after you, and tell them you love them. Just let them know how important they are to you <3

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