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by - Friday, April 08, 2016

Hey lovelies! I'm back with a post, it's been a while since I've posted a recipe based post, so here goes my go to simple pasta recipe. Also if you haven't, then check out my previous recipe post, which was a yummy Enchiladas one.


- 1 Onion
- 1 Tomato Tin
- Pasta
- Sweetcorn
- Tomato Puree
- Oregano



1. Boil hot water in the kettle.

2. In a pot, add half a packet of pasta (any shape or size of form can be used).

3. Add the boiled water into the pot with what pasta, and turn the cooker onto a medium heat.

4. Make sure the water reaches above the pasta, and then add a tablespoon of oil, and a teaspoon of salt.

5. Let the pasta cook until it has become soft and easily to break.

6. Drain the water out using a colander, and leave the pasta on the side.


1. Grab a pan/pot (medium sized if possible), add a splash of oil and let it heat it up in medium fire.

2. Finely chop the onion in small pieces.

3. Once the oil has heated up, add the onions into the pan.

4. Add a pinch of salt to the onions and let it turn golden brown.

5. Whilst the onion is being cooked, add a tin a of tomato into a blender and blend it.

6. Once the onions had turned into golden brown, add the blended tomatoes into the pan.

7. Stir the mixture altogether.

8. Put about two tablespoons of tomato puree, and stir the ingredients again.

9. Once the sauce has thicken up, put in the desired amount of sweetcorn (or any vegetables) into the pot.

10. Leave the sauce to cook for a approximately 5-10 minutes.

11. Add the pasta into the sauce. And stir it all well.

12. Taste a pasta, and if needed add a bit more salt.

13. Place some pasta into a plate, and garnish it with some oregano and parsley.

14. Your lunch/dinner is served. Bon Appetite.


Don't forget if you are making less pasta, then use less sauce, or even if you do use the whole tin then don't worry, you can always put some aside in a box. Put it in the freezer and use it again either for pasta or as a pizza sauce.

Not just that, but this recipe is basic and flexible. You can add meat, different vegetable, some spices or even cheese.  Usually I add cheese but because my siblings don't prefer it too much, I don't add the cheese with the mixture.

I hoped you enjoyed this post, do try it out and comment how it went.

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