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by - Monday, August 01, 2016

Hey amours! How have you all been? The weather in the UK has been great lately, and for fashion bloggers it's the best time to go out and take a bulk of photographs because you just never know when the weather like this will last. Recently I went to London with the family for two days. Of course shopping was going to happen, and this outfit mainly consists of outfit items brought from Green Street in East Ham.


A shirt dress is a mandatory wardrobe piece because of how convenient it is. It's so easy to style with, which is just great. It's a shock that I never own one, because after buying this I think I've worn it way too many times. Unfortunately when you wear a shirt dress, and sit in a car for a long time, then creases are bound to happen, which is why you can see some crease marks and its so infuriating hehe. 

Anyway, the shirt dress was loose, and modest which was so good. I might have to style it another way soon, with a top and have the button open, giving it that open shirt dress outfit style. For the sleeves you were able to unbutton it giving you the full sleeves, or you can style it like I did and roll it up and button it. As for the jeans I wore skinny jeggings from Primark, and just rolled up the bottom part to give it that casual go to outfit look.


I am in love with the bag. It's been a while since I've bought a side bag, which used to be an item I would purchase all the time. I would usually go for a one colour bag, but this bag gave it that Aztec look which I really liked. It is the right size for an outing, not too small or big.

White shoes is another item you just got to have. There was an offer on the shoes "2 for £8", so I bought myself a white and black ones. The white one looked great for this outfit because it matched the bag, and plus I didn't want the look to be all black like I always do hehe.

Lastly I wore a light pink/blush hijab. This added such a lovely contrast to the whole outfit, and it just made it look perfect for the summer weather. Honestly viscous scarves will forever be my favorite hijabs because of the variety of colours available, and they work so well with my face structure.

Outfit Details:
- Shirt Dress: Green Street
- Bag: Green Street
- Shoes: Shoe Zone (Green Street)
- Hijab: Green Street
- Jeggings: Primark

Hope you like the look, let me know the comment section down below if you want to see what else I bought from London, and whether you want to know what I did there. Have a lovely week amours!

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