Can I Just Live There? | Baker St Cakes

by - Monday, August 15, 2016

Hey hey! It's just the last couple of weeks till the whole back to school term. This Thursday is results day, and I didn't realise it until someone mentioned it at work. I really don't want to be thinking about it so much, there is nothing really that can be done, but Insha'Allah it works out well for us all, and that we get into the university we want to attend to. To take my mind as well as yours from that upcoming day, I hope you all love this post <3

Last Wednesday I went to Baker St Cakes with my other half and younger sister. There is never a main reason to go Baker St Cakes because the question is why shouldn't you? Although my younger sister had never been, and it was a little treat for her. It's always a pleasure going to Baker St Cakes, we are greeted with such warmth and happiness, that the visit just never goes wrong.


The cupcake I chose was the Carrot and Pecan. I saw it on my last visit, but if you guys remember I bought the Chocolate Banoffee Cupcake (Haven't read the previous BST post? Link is right here). This type I thought why not, I love carrot cake so this one would most certainly be good. And it was! There can be those carrot cakes which can be really overwhelming with flavours, however, the balance between the cinnamon, pecan and carrot were on point.  Each distinctive taste came out so well, that it was so good to have. 


The next cupcake is one of the tops! Or it might have just become the top favourite from all the cupcakes by far. This is the Raspberry Lemon Meringue Cupcake. My younger sister chose this, and damn was she lucky to have had all this to herself. I had a bite of the cake, and gosh the flavours oozing into my mouth was outstanding. The cupcake was infused with lemon and inside the cake, there was raspberry coulis filled in. The sweetness from the raspberry and zesty flavour from the lemon, was such a beautiful flavour, that I could just have so much more. What I really also loved was the touch up on the Italian Meringue by using a blow torch. This cupcake is the ultimate one! 


My partner chose the Chocolate Nutella Praline Cupcake. The difference between the original version which is the Nutella Hazelnut Praline Cupcake is that the cake used in this one is chocolate. So to put it in simple words this is basically a chocolate filled cupcake. Hence why if you really love chocolate then this is the one. However, I got to say that the original one will be a better one simply because many are used to it, and because the flavours balance each other out. 


From the macarons, I picked the Coconut White Chocolate Macaron. Seriously look at the colours! So colourful and bright. The macaron was lovely. I love coconut, so this was perfect. The slight white chocolate taste was that, and I loved how there was more of a coconut flavour to it. 


My partner picked the Strawberry and Cream Macaron. The vibrant colours are honestly so gorgeous, it just makes it more tempting to eat but not eat as well because it just looks too good to just be gone. I have quite a 50/50 feeling with strawberry, there will be times where I like it, and other times I will just feel meh about it. But this macaron wasn't too powerful on the strawberry so it gave that lovely sweet taste to it. 


Lastly, my small sister chose the Salted Caramel Macaron. I've already had this, hence why I didn't have a piece of it, but there is no harm mentioning something about it again. My sister certainly did enjoy it, and I can still imagine the salty caramel and chocolate flavours that came from having that macaron!


The last thing I purchased was the Chocolate Chewy Cookies. Something new, and something very delicious. You love chocolate and perfectly baked cookies then this is what you should get. What more could you want? Honestly, chewy cookies are the best simply because of the smooth texture and chewy bite it gives. It was a lovely end to the whole mini sweet lunch! <3


It then became such a beautiful end to the visit by talking to the bakers. At least 15-20 minutes was spent talking to the lovely lady Nailah. It went from talking about the cupcakes and macarons to blogging and general life. And just before we left, we were given the Praline Paris Brest on the house, which was super nice! I think she remembered how much I loved this because it was damn good to devour it again! Since my partner, nor sister wanted a bite from it, I was glad to know that I got to have it all to myself hehe. 

On that happy note, it's an end to this post amours! But honestly, can I just live there? Leave your comments down below on what would you pick from the selections, and if you loved the post. 

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